Meal Planning Monday – 23/02/2015

We did pretty well again this week, sticking to our plan apart from Friday night when my best friend came to stay and we ended up with a takeaway!  We were enjoying such a good crack that I lost my enthusiasm to cook anything and so asked A to pick up a Chinese on his way home from Yoga!

Yesterday, whilst A was enjoying his lie-in, O and I made some Chocolate Crunchie Nut no-bake traybake which is just divine!  I’ll be handing most of it out at work though as it’s so naughty, it won’t help with our weight loss aims!

Chocolate Crunchie Nut No-Bake Traybake

This week is pretty hectic too, so not so much cooking will be going on.  On Thursday, A and I are off to Sella Park Country House Hotel for a 4-course meal and I’ll be writing a review for the blog.  I’m really looking forward to it as I’ve heard some amazing things!  On Friday, I’m out for a meal at a local Chinese restaurant to celebrate my colleague’s 30th birthday and Saturday we’re both off to Manchester for a night out with friends so there’s lots of eating out this week!  Sunday will mostly be spent recovering, then travelling home so we’ve managed to wing Sunday Dinner at our parents house.

Day Breakfast Dinner Tea
Mon Bacon, Poached Egg, Tomatoes and beans Leftover Roast Dinner Tuna with Lemon & Chilli
Tue Soft Boiled Eggs and Soldiers Homemade Soup Chicken and Mushroom Risotto
Wed Porridge with Banana and Honey Leftover Risotto Salmon & Chilli with Rice & Vegetables
Thu Bacon Sandwich Leftover Salmon Out for Dinner
Fri Bacon Poached Egg, Mushrooms and beans Homemade Soup S – OutA – Steak
Sat Bacon Sandwich on Wholemeal Bread Away Away
Sun Away Away Sunday Roast Dinner

I’m linking up with At Home with Mrs M for Meal Planning Monday (#mealplanningmonday on Twitter).

Meal Planning Monday

4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 23/02/2015

  1. I’m seriously impressed you manage so much cooking in the morning. I just about manage to throw a piece of toast at Oliver and make a cup of tea for myself. Having said that, you did inspire me this morning to cook, I had 2 very happy boys (well, I suppose one is a man). I might have to do it more often!

    Never considered planning breakfast or lunch, I may have to start, although Oliver would probably then decide he doesn’t want cooked breakfast and he just wants a weetabix…

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