My Sunday Photo – 01/02/2015

My Sunday Photo is from last week’s Bloggers Weekend Away in Manchester. Β I spent an awesome couple of days with two amazing friends, whom I love dearly. Β It’s such a same we all live so far apart! Β This was taken by the pool, as we relaxed on the loungers whilst enjoying a Spa Day. Β I had such a great time, and I’m quite impressed I managed to get all three of us in the Selfie without the use of a stick!

Spa Day Manchester SelfieI’m linking up with OneDad3Girls for My Sunday Photo.

24 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – 01/02/2015

  1. I did the same a couple of weeks ago, I always say afterwards that I’m going to do it more often but never manage it! Great to catch up with friends like this

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