Valentines Day 2015

Last year, hubby (A) and I managed to wangle a babysitter so that we could go out for dinner.  Unfortunately, our dining experience wasn’t the romantic meal that we had hoped for (think red napkins cut by the staff into heart shapes). I had bought a brand new outfit, and even treated myself to some Chanel No 5 edt purse spray, 3x20ml to keep in my bag to get rid of the smell of baby sick and diapers. So from that night on, we vowed never to go out on Valentines Day again!!

I had a lovely little lie in until 7:45am as A had gotten up early with O.  I had snuggles with O whilst Daddy got showered and dressed, and A dressed and washed O before heading out for the morning.  I then had the whole morning to myself!  What to do!?

Of course, no weekend goes by where there isn’t some amount of housework to be done.  I laid about in bed for an hour or so, sorting out some blog stuff and browsing Twitter and Facebook. I eventually got up and headed downstairs for a bacon sandwich – perfect Valentines Day breakfast!  I then spent the rest of the morning doing housework, generally tidying, sorting out the laundry, dusting.  I also put together some lovely frames that I’d bought about 6 months ago to put up in O’s bedroom.

Valentines Day 2015 - Picture Frames

The boys returned home with a beautiful bunch of flowers for me and we spent the afternoon making pictures with glitter glue and sequins and A took O out on his bike whilst I went grocery shopping.  A pretty standard Saturday really!  O went off to bed after his dinner and was flat out by 6:30pm!  He was utterly shattered after a busy morning at a local museum, crafts and outdoor fun!

Valentines Day 2015 - Flowers

I had planned a nice meal to cook at home, which started with pate and brown toast with caramelised onion chutney which was really yummy!  Whilst we were eating, we searched Netflix for a film to watch but we just couldn’t agree.  Anything I wanted to watch, hubby had already seen it!  We decided to download the Series Pass for Season 4 of Suits on iTunes instead, and I’m so glad we did!  We both cooked our main meal of Coconut Prawn Curry with rice and it was sooo yummy!!  We enjoyed a beautiful bottle of English White Wine too, one from the expensive collection we keep in the garage.  Hubby quite fancies himself as a wine connoisseur!

Valentines Day 2015 - Coconut Prawn Curry

And so we spent the evening enjoying each others company, enjoying good food and enjoying amazing TV!  Really happy :o)

I’d love to know how you spent your Valentines Day?

5 thoughts on “Valentines Day 2015

  1. Your curry look a-maz-ing! Would love the recipe for that.
    Valentines sounds lovely and chilled out in your house. I love when I’m all alone in the house although I never know what to do! Ours was unfortunately spent entertaining in in-laws and taking the twins to the out of hours! How romantic!

    1. Thanks Sam! It’s a lovely recipe! Being alone in the house is lush – so peaceful! Oh no, I hope the twins are now ok! x

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely Valentines. Your flowers are gorgeous, your curry looks lovely and I really need to get into Suits! x

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