Hanging on to my Mid-Twenties…

Today, I turn 27 years old.  I’m officially hanging on to my mid-twenties by the skin of my teeth before spiralling into my late twenties and soon-to-be thirties.  I quite often forget my age, often responding to questions about my age with “23” – the age I was when I fell pregnant!  I think this is partly because the last 4 years have flown by; motherhood is quite a task!

As my birthday this year is on a Monday, I had a bit of a celebratory weekend in the lead up to turning another year older.  On Saturday I attended an appointment with my hairdresser and had some highlights put through my mane in a vain attempt to reduce the visibility of the grey curls that keep sneaking in!


A then took O to a birthday party in the afternoon so I spent the peaceful time watching The Good Wife!  I picked up my best friend and came home.  After we put O to bed, we cracked a bottle of wine and played a couple of board games with some snacks and sweets.  What better way to spend your 27th birthday!?  We had a great night catching up and losing at Trivial Pursuit!


On Sunday, I woke to see that A and O had baked my favourite cake (or “cyak”, as it is in Cumbria!) whilst I had a lay-in.  A huge Coffee and Walnut cake topped with Coffee buttercream and Pecan nuts.  It was lush!  I’ll be eating it all week though!  I then took O to visit my Dad and Stepmum, then to see my Mum, Stepdad and Grandparents in the afternoon.  It was lovely to see all the family, which is something we rarely get to do.  O had a great time running around the garden with Dad’s three dogs, and playing football and doing jigsaws at Mum’s.  I spent the time with my feet up – enjoying doing nothing!


Sunday evening, A took O and I to a local pub for a gorgeous bar meal.  We go there every now and again, and when I was asked where I wanted to go – I just knew I’d enjoy my meal so why not go to our regular place?!  It was really lovely.  Homemade Chicken and Leek pie with the most amazing chips ever, followed by Coconut Jam Sponge with custard.  Lush!


I woke this morning to a pile of presents and cards from my nearest and dearest – I am truly spoiled and so lucky to have these wonderful people in my life.  O loved to “help” unwrap the presents…  I only got to open one as he was so good at it!  I received some lovely gifts; French Connection nail varnishes, White Company toiletries, Pineapple dancewear, Lancome perfume, an amazing framed hand-drawn piece of word art and clothes vouchers to name a few.


Tonight I’m off to my Mum’s for a birthday tea, which I’m sure will be lovely!  She did ask me to take my own candles for, what I presume is, a birthday cake…  I dunno if I’ve got the puff to blow out 27 though!


9 thoughts on “Hanging on to my Mid-Twenties…

  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like a fab weekend, pleased to see you have been well looked after. I turn 31 this year and I am constantly forgetting my age. I still think I’m in my mid twenties, it takes some getting used to. Coffee and walnut is one of my faves too! Enjoy the rest of your birthday!x

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely birthday and we’ll do some quiet celebrating when we come up in a few weeks! I’m banking on evenings of board games and nibbles! So excited to see you all! x

  3. Happy birthday to u! Oh I remember those days. I was 23 when I was preggers with my first …31 now with a 7 year old and a 4 year old eekkkk! That cake looked very lush indeed…send me a slice lol x

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