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My First... Feature

There is something so special about having a boy. I can’t really even put into words if I tried.

I gave birth to my first boy in November 2013, he is now 16 months old and he is my world. I love his brown eyes, kissable lips, loveable cuddles, his dimples, his tubby belly, and everything about him and his already established boyish ways.

On this journey, over the last 16 months, he has melted my heart many times; I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the moments on. He has managed to make me laugh, cry, and make my heart burst with pride. Not forgetting the many times he has managed to make my heart stop because he is so clumsy, I sometimes wish I had eyes in the back of my head! It had me thinking and I have listed 10 things having a boy will entail:

1. Firstly, I appreciate my husband so much more.

To have my own boy, makes me understand my husband so much more. I can see him in a whole new light. Rather than being the annoying man that leaves his towel in the middle of the floor, forgets to pick up his dirty work clothes, leaves his empty cups on the side, and teases me like a 12-year-old teenager, I get it, he is just a big baby! They need someone running around after them. I don’t think any man ever grows up? Besides the most annoying side that every man has, they have their great sides too. And having my husband’s son gave me a whole new perspective on men in general.

2. He will steal your heart from the moment you look into his little eyes

From the moment he gasped his first breathe, and he was brought over to me, was the moment I fell in love all over again. I felt such a strong connection with him, he latched on straight away, he fitted in and slept so well from the beginning. I have had him in my life for 16 months now and every day my love grows for him, he does new things, understands more and I completely fall head over heels for his cheeky little grin, chubby cheeks and of course not forgetting his cute wispy hair!

3. He will be a little bruiser

I would be extremely rich if I was given a pound for every time Archie fell over, bumped his head, or hurt himself in general.

my first boy

4. He might be a bit slower in general with speaking and potty training

I have heard that boys tend to be slower at potty training and talking, my daughter started talking at 9 months and potty trained at 18 months, so Archie had a lot to live up to. He is 16 months and can say several words, and he may know what a poo-poo is but is nowhere near potty training.

5. He will bang everything

Give Archie a stick, a wooden spoon, or a toy, and rest assured he will bang it somewhere, on my floor, my walls, the table, or anything.

6. He will start touching his willy before he even starts walking

I can rest assured, if Archie is naked, his hands will be touching, pulling, or squeezing at that interesting thing that dangles between his legs.

7. Everything he does makes you so unbelievably proud you just want to melt.

When he does his little dances to Cbeebies, or nods his head to old MacDonald’s Farm, I just put my hands to my heart and feel so happy.

First Boy

8. He wants to be just like his daddy already

Everything my husband does my little Archie will copy it is the sweetest thing. The bond between the two of them is so strong, from their rough play and little cheeky grins at each other these two are going to be inseparable.

9. He will always be a mummy’s boy

The kisses I get are unbelievably cute, I absolutely love them and I get more than ten a day, I’m so lucky.

10. Watching the sweet bond he has with his big sister

Watching the bond grow between Archie and his big sister is so heart-warming. Every day I watch them grow closer, they hysterically giggle together, run around the house chasing each other, playing happily together, brings so much joy into the house. To have this little boy love his sister so much is beautiful, I hope to nurture their relationship and help them become the best of friends, as they grow older.

If you have a boy or are having a boy, you are in for a treat; you get lots of kisses, and get ready for your heart to live outside your body! Enjoy it!

What would you add to the list? Please leave a comment below I would love to hear.


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