My First… Premature Birth

This week I have the lovely Emma from Yummy Mummy’s Blog talking about her pregnancies and first labour.  You can follow Emma on Twitter or give Yummy Mummy’s Blog Facebook page a like if you like what you read.  And so, over to Emma…

My First... Feature

With my first son, I had a bleed at 7 weeks pregnant, following a Miscarriage and a Molar Pregnancy we were sure it was a another failed pregnancy, luckily there was a healthy heartbeat on the scan. I have a Bicornuate (Heart Shaped) Uterus, but was told this would not affect my pregnancy. Then at 25+5 weeks my waters went, I was given steroids and rushed into hospital but as my son didn’t arrive within 48 hours they sent me home, a scan revealed he had made a tear in the sac then turned him self head down so that he was ‘plugging’ the hole with his head, so as soon as he moved I would go into labour. At 29+4 weeks I went into labour, I was told he would come extremely quickly, then after 22 hours of painful labour (not so quick) I pushed my son Jack Sydney Woodhouse into the world weighing 3lbs and half an oz, at 04:32am on 11.11.13.

My First Labour

My partner Paul and I moved onto the NICU unit as they have bedrooms and my son spent 40 days in NICU, he took his oxygen off himself after two days, battled Jaundice and a Congenital Heart Disease, moved from a humidified incubator to a cot and a feeding tube to breast milk through a bottle. Bringing our baby home was the most amazing feeling on 21.12.13, just in time for Christmas.

My First Labour

We had another son Michael David Woodhouse on 01.10.14 at 11.57am he was born at 35 weeks via c-section due to being breach weighing 4lb 12oz. Amazing he came home after 2 days and now we have a healthy and happy couple of boys, Jack now 15 month and Michael (Mikey) now 5 months.

My First Labour


I’m so pleased that Emma’s two boys are now bouncing babies!  How beautiful are they?!  If you’d like to take part in sharing a My First… experience, please fill in the contact form here.

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