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The lovely Becky over at 3 Princesses and 1 Dude has tagged me in The Netflix Tag!  I am a huge fan of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV…  There’s little I love more than  binge-watching a great show…  You can read Becky’s meme here.


All Time Favourite

My all time favourite show on Netflix has to be Suits.  It’s an amazing US legal drama.  I’ve watched it, then re-watched it, even though I’m watching the current series as it’s broadcast.  I am in love with Harvey.  And Mike…  Donna, Harvey’s secretary, is the best, well thought out character in the show.  I don’t want to give anything away, but everyone should watch Suits.  But after you’ve finished reading my blog.

Current Addiction.

The Good Wife.  Another US legal drama, but on a different scale to Suits.  The Good Wife focuses on a lead female character, rather than two men, and is gripping from the get-go.  I have nearly finished watching the five available series and I’m not hoping that the six series will be available very soon!  It’s full of twists and the whole cast is fabulous, with some very recognisable faces!


I wish that The West Wing was available on Netflix.  So many people have said how good it is!  I’m not really sure what else I’d like to see on there, as I don’t really keep up with what’s being broadcast on normal TV.

Pet Peeve

Bubble Guppies.  I hate this show.  My husband hates this show.  But O loves it.  Like there’s nothing else in the world that he’d rather be doing than watching Gill with his blue hair and Molly with her terrible singing, playing Cowboys and putting out fires.  Underwater.  *facepalm*

Marathon Essentials

I am pretty low maintenance…  As long as I’ve got Netflix on the TV or Kindle and a pint of juice, I’m happy.

What’s on Your Watch List?

House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, White Collar, Person of Interest…  Probably noticing a theme here…

You Should Watch…

Prison Break.  O.M.G.  A fantastic show, so carefully thought out and every detail planned – I whizzed through the 4 seasons in an epic week-long marathon.  Also, if it wasn’t clear in my earlier point – Suits.

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6 thoughts on “The Netflix Tag

  1. I feel your pain with Bubble Guppies. Darcy adores it, we’ve watched it so many times now I know all the words to the songs LOL. Thanks for the tag lovely

    1. I also know all the words to the songs… O’s favourite is the Cowboy one… Move your arm in circle like a cowboy, yippee-kay-aye-yippee-yippee-kay-aye-ay! #demented

  2. I hear you on the bubble guppies. My youngest watches also and drives me nuts. I’m currently hooked on once upon a time which has just ended the season so may just watch it again.

    1. I haven’t seen that! If it’s worth a watch, I’ll stick it on my list 🙂 x

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