Five Life Lessons to Teach My Children

Thanks to Donna from What the Redhead Said for the Five Life Lessons tag. What would life lessons I would teach O… There are hundreds of life lessons that are equally as important as each other, but I must somehow whittle it down to five… So here goes…

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

It has taken me years to become almost happy with myself, my relationships and situation. I’m nearly there after the rather dark hole that is Post Natal Depression and Anxiety. I wish I had been able to look at the bigger picture when I was younger and make decisions that would have made me happier. So, I would tell O to put himself first. Not in a selfish way, but to make sure that he’s happy in what he does, who he is and where he goes. Happiness is all you need in life.

Dance Like No-One’s Watching, Sing Like No-One’s Listening

I will do my utmost to build his self-confidence as high as I can.  O is a particularly shy little boy and doesn’t like to put himself ‘out there’ to be praised or criticised.  I hope that he will allow his confidence to grow and be brave enough to stand out.  No matter what it is that he finds to do in his life, I hope that he knows to give it his all and not to care about what others say about his efforts.  

Failure Is Only The Opportunity To Begin Again, Use It Wisely

At some point in every life, it feels as though you’ve failed at something.  Whether it be failing a driving test or failing to remember your Dad’s birthday, flunking out of school or losing a job.  It’s an awful experience, but one that can teach so much and potentially can create a better situation during the a second attempt.

You Can Choose Your Friends, But You Can’t Choose Your Family

Friends and family are a particularly important part of our lives.  I would like O to make sure he maintains quality relationships with his family – particularly his parents!  We’re very close to our parents and siblings and they are more than just family, they are friends too.  A and I have a select few very good friends too which we love to spend time with.  There are many people out there that are all for themselves and not willing to give their all into a friendship.  Those people shouldn’t be part of your life if they can’t offer you the support you’ll need when you really need it.  Choose your friends wisely.

My Life.  My Choices.  My Mistakes.  My Lessons.

Live with no regrets.  Go with your gut and trust your decisions.  It is a difficult thing to live with no regrets or wishing you did things differently, but being able to accept that you made the right choice at the time is the main thing.  Things happen for a reason and difficult times and decisions make us who we are.

Whinlatter Forest 13

What Five Life Lessons would you teach your children?

6 thoughts on “Five Life Lessons to Teach My Children

    1. Thanks for the tag! It was quite difficult at first trying to think of things, but they soon started flowing x

  1. These all sound great! Like something you could write up in interesting calligraphy and stick on your wall…

    I’d say:
    1. ‘Plenty more fish in the sea’ is true, both literally and metaphorically. And if you can’t find fish of the human kind, then going fishing is actually pretty fun too.
    2. You can never have too many pants
    3. Or hairbrushes
    4. Don’t worry about who ‘isn’t your best friend any more’. Friends are friends, and the bestness comes with time.
    5. Be glad about what you CAN do, don’t worry about what you can’t. Especially if the ‘CAN’ involves eating the entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s that is hiding in the back of the freezer. Especially especially if it’s Phish Food.

    : goes to get calligraphy pen :

    1. Thanks Lauren! Your lessons are fab! I definitely agree about the ‘best’ friend thing… They changed every week when I was at school! x

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