My First… Driving Lesson

Today, I have Becky from 3 Princesses and 1 Dude talking about her contemplation of her first driving lesson.  Something that most of us have either done, or are considering!  So, over to Becky…

My First... Feature

So, OK the title is a little misleading you see I haven’t yet had My First Driving Lesson but as I sit typing this I am also searching online for a driving instructor. The thing is… I’m 31, and to be honest I feel like I missed the boat, that the learner driver ship sailed long ago.

I mean am I too old now? Is learning to drive for the younger generation? It has always been something I wanted to do but I just well, I never did it! I never had the time. From age 17 I have worked hard for my career. Working full time (and many extra hours) and, ironically, relying on public transport meant leaving the house at 6.45am and getting home at 7pm 5 days a week, meant I had not a lot of time for learning. I always had the intent to learn and would things like and do research on cars but time was always the issue.

Driving Lesson

I mean it hasn’t really ever bothered me that I couldn’t drive, I lived in the Midlands for 7 years, I could hop on an express train and go anywhere I liked quickly and cheaply. And then I moved back to the East Coast, which frankly, may as well be on another planet. It takes forever to get anywhere, on the super slow trains and whats more said train journeys are priced high. (£75 for a slow 3.5 hour journey to London compared to the maybe a £25 high speed connection from the Midlands!)

Yet the more and more time I spend stuck indoors as a SAHM the more I wish to drive, I actually ache to jut get in the car and go, I don’t know where I’d go but just the confines of these 4 walls are driving me insane! And lets not forget how much I hate rainy day school runs!

My main reason for wanting to drive is that in September I will be be doing ALOT of school runs! The school run takes about 45 minutes there and back and with Jenson and Ellie needing to be at school for 8.50, Evie will need to be at pre-school (attached to Jenson’s school) for 12.15 and then I will need to collect them all at 3.00. I am literally going to spend the next year of my life walking to and from school/pre-school! A car would just make life easier, don’t you think!

So instead of jumping on it I am sat contemplating what will be my first (ever) driving lesson. I am trying to bite the bullet and just BOOK but well what do you think, am I too old? Has that ship sailed or should I just go for it? Bite the bullet and jump in (to the car)? What are your top tips for a learner driver, because I have no idea what to expect!

Thanks Becky!  What a great post…  I learned to drive aged 17, and so can’t really remember what it’s like not being able to drive – but living in the countryside like we do, public transport isn’t particularly accessible or reliable!  In my opinion, you’re never too old to learn so definitely bite the bullet and go for it!  

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8 thoughts on “My First… Driving Lesson

  1. This sounds very familiar!

    I’ll be turning 30 in August and I’ve also never learnt to drive. I’ve never really needed to, where we have previously lived there has always been brilliant public transport so could get everywhere dead easily.

    Fast forward a few years and we have moved to Hampshire, and where we live the public transport is awful and I struggle to get anywhere (apart the trains – but getting to the station is a nightmare!)

    I’m also a SAHM and some days I wish I could just jump in the car like most other people I know and go on little adventures with my little boy that aren’t either in our garden or in the small park around the corner. So all of our adventures are saved for the weekend when Daddy can drive us around.

    I keep saying that I’ll learn one day but it’s not happened yet. I get some very funny looks when I tell people I can’t drive.

    I’ll be very interested to see how you get on with it all. Good luck!


    1. I am still no closer to booking a lesson Laura! Although I have decided that it will be happening in September, when I get Evie in preschool and Jenson and Ellie are in school full time at leas then its just 1 to find a babysitter for!

  2. I learnt to drive last September so its never too late! I really wish I didn’t put it off for so many years because it’s a complete life changer! Go for it Becky! You won’t regret it!

    Great Feature! I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Amy, I have decided September is when I will start lessons, now just to bite the bullet and get it booked! X

  3. Morning! I only passed a test a year and a half ago. I’m thirty something. You can do this!
    My advice if you don’t like your instructor swap ASAP. I had one I hated at first, but he was the one that taught my partner and most of the family. I didn’t get on with him so it made me nervous. I learnt things wrong, and expected to get told off by him. Killed my confidence and I gave up, ten years later I got a new one and now I’m road legal!

  4. I am 32 and also haven’t started driving lessons yet! I have applied for my licence but I am waiting for my neurosurgeon to give DVLA the OK to give me one. I am so nervous about learning to drive but I know it will be a good thing. I really need to given my mobility is utterly rubbish and I struggle to do the school run some days.

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