My First… Home

This week, I have one of my good friends Donna from What the Redhead Said sharing her experience of buying her first house.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram or give her page a like on Facebook!  Over to Donna…

My First... Feature

I met Dave back in 2004 and at the time I was renting a room in a house and he had just bought a flat with his brother. Soon after we started thinking about moving in together but as he was tied into a mortgage with his brother we knew we’d realistically have to wait a couple of years before we could live together.

My First HomeWhen the time came to live together we decided to buy somewhere rather than rent somewhere together first – we had spent long weekend together, a couple of weeks at a time on all inclusive holidays and I had learnt to work life around Dave’s shifts. We started our house hunt and after looking at a lot of houses in different areas and having one purchase fall through we eventually found a house we loved in Carshalton, Surrey. It wasn’t in the best area but it was a wonderful house as first time buyers with a garden, two bedrooms and a great place for us to live over the next few years.

My First Home

We moved into the house on 6th October 2006, 4 days before my 22nd Birthday. We didn’t have any furniture really, just a bed, and we had the whole house to decorate and a lot of little jobs to do. We ended up furnishing the whole house from Ikea and lived in an Ikea showhome for the next 4 years.


It was a home that hosted barbecues, dinner parties and constant visits from friends and family. It was very much a happy home with a kitchen-diner that was made for socialising.

My First HomeThat first home saw us get our cats soon after we moved in to keep me company whilst Dave worked. It saw us get engaged and plan a wedding. It was where we came back from honeymoon to and where we started planning our family. It was our first home together but not somewhere I could see us bringing up children. It took us the best part of a year to sell the house but on 8th December 2010 I closed the door on that house for the last time, posting the keys through the letterbox with tears in my eyes. It was a house full of memories and one that I left 3 weeks pregnant with LP, ready to start the next chapter in our lives.

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