Pre-School and Hep-A Vaccinations

Last year, we all went to the Doctors to make sure we had up-to-date immunisations for our holiday to Turkey.  This year, much of the same, we thought we’d best check that we didn’t need any more.  Unfortunately, A, O and I needed to have Hep-A booster immunisations and O also needed his pre-school vaccinations, namely MMR and pre-school booster for Polio, Tetanus, etc.

I got to the Doctors surgery earlier than A and O, and was called through to see the Nurse before they arrived.  I’m not great with needles but if I don’t look and the Nurses don’t tell me what’s going on, I’m ok.  It hurt quite a bit after she’d removed the needle but I was in one piece.  Phew.

By this point, O and A had arrived.  I called to them from the door and O came running over, excited to see me!  I took him in my arms and sat him on my knee.  Remembering the last time he’d had an injection, he was asleep and woke up during the process which led to half an hour of hysterics.  I hoped this time wouldn’t be the same!  I explained to him that the Nurse was going to give him some medicine to stop him getting  poorly on holiday, but that it was a special medicine that she puts in his arm.  He then showed the Nurse a tiny scratch on his wrist that must’ve happened whilst playing at nursery.  I told him that when the Nurse gives him the special medicine, it would feel like that little scratch but not to worry and keep super-still.

Pre-school Vaccinations

What happened next, I did not expect.  I barely had hold of his arm (in case he moved mid-vaccination) and she was ahead of the game!  He sat there, quiet as a mouse, still as the night and watching the whole thing.  He then watched the second go into the same spot, absolutely no bother at all.  His Daddy and I stared at each other in disbelief!  He did the same again with the third (Hep-A), watching the whole thing.  He did get a little teary after the Hep-A booster as he said it was sore.  Bless his little cottons, it was sore for me too so it must’ve really hurt him!

The Nurse gave him a lollipop and a Maoam chew sweet and that was him happier.  He gave his sticker to his teddy bear and off we went to Sainsbury’s to buy him a mini pizza for his tea as a treat for being so brave.  I’m unbelievably proud of my little O.  I so desperately don’t want to pass on my squeamishness of needles to him, which just exacerbates my pride in my brave little boy.

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