What’s in my Handbag?

This post is my entry into the search for Pink Lining Ambassadors.

Although I do have a small bag collection, I have a couple of handbags that I use daily. Very recently, I’ve bought myself a Michael Kors black handbag with decent handles which can be carried by hand, over my arm or over my shoulder comfortably.  I love it!  But, like every woman, it ends up full of random things… especially if you’re a parent!

So, here goes; I’m literally emptying my handbag out and telling you what’s in it… warts and all!

Diary   I strive to be the most organised person in the world, although I know I’m about as organised as a cat. I do use a Organised Mum diary which has got to be the best £15-ish I’ve ever spent. Plenty of room to write everything that’s going on in our busy lives as well as sections to write shopping lists, create meals plans and keep track of personal finances. I don’t know where I would be without my diary – probably as organised as a gnat, instead of a cat…

Purse  – This has got to be in everyone’s bag – surely?! There is a very limited amount of things you can do without money and so this is a needs-must for every Mum.

Pink Lining HandbagPhone  – Obvious, really. How can I possibly tweet and instagram my whereabouts and how awesome they are without my phone?!

Jimmy Choo Original Perfume  – Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty. Love this perfume. It smells amazing. At the Foo Fighters gig, the security guy picked it out and said it looked like a grenade – I assured him I certainly wouldn’t be throwing a £50 bottle of perfume into the crowd…

Tissues  – Because every kid gets a snotty nose.

Lipstick  – Whatever lipstick or lip salve I’ve put on in the morning, it goes instantly into my bag. The lipsticks say that they will last 24 hours, but they don’t really…

Cuticle Oil  – For those who don’t know, I’ve worn acrylic on my nails for the last 6 years. I don’t know how I would feel to go back to bare nails! I love them and I love to paint them. But as part of their care, I have to oil them every day. At least once. So you’ll find bottles of cuticle oil everwhere I go!

Random gatherings from the last week…  – I haven’t actually emptied my bag out since attending Britmums Live last weekend, so there’s a few things in there just now that are a bit strange!  These include a mostly-eaten bag of Werther’s Originals, my Business cards and a back-up, portable phone charger that actually belongs to my husband…

What sort of random stuff do you have in your handbag?  Or, if you’re a fella – cos I know I have *loads* of you reading my posts, what do you keep in your man-bag/pockets? ;o)

3 thoughts on “What’s in my Handbag?

    1. Thanks hun! You’ll have to break out your best bag next time you have some “me” time! X

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