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I was tagged by Donna over at What the Redhead Said in a great tag about being a blogger and what it means to me…  So, here goes!

Being a blogger is something I wish I’d been during my maternity leave with O.

Being a blogger brings some wonderful opportunities.

Being a blogger is so easy to use now, particularly as there are things like WordPress Hosting – edge cache plugin which can make your life easier when planning and improving your blog.

Being a blogger means that I meet new people every day.

Being a blogger means a great deal to me; I’m incredibly proud of my little blog.

Being a blogger allows me to share the memorable moments in my life, along with everything else.


Being a blogger has given me an awesome hobby; one that I didn’t think I would stick to for as long as I have.

Being a blogger has introduced me to a community of other bloggers that are extremely friendly and love cake as much as me.

Being a blogger has made me a much more internet-savvy person. I know all the best web hosting providers, and by checking out sites such as Certa Hosting, you can too.

Being a blogger has allowed me to organise myself and my life so much more.

Being a blogger has allowed me to learn so much more about the world of blogging. From advertising laws to copyright laws (see this copyright guide for help).

Being a blogger is a bigger part of my life than I thought it would become.

Being a blogger means a lot to me and I’ve made some very awesome friends along the way.

Being a blogger has provided me with some great opportunities.

Being a blogger is so much fun; I think it’s now ingrained within my soul!

I love being a blogger.

What is being a blogger to you Martyn, Becky and Alex?

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