I’m the Mum Who…

I was tagged by Donna at What The Redhead Said to take part in the “I’m the Mum Who…” meme.  I love taking part in things like this – they make me question myself and reflect on my choices…  So here goes!

I’m the Mum who had a pretty much perfect pregnancy with no complications – aside from terrible Heartburn ;o)

I’m the Mum who was/is petrified of the thought of a C-Section.

I’m the Mum who experienced undiagnosed Birth Trauma.

I’m the Mum who really wanted a girl and was disappointed when I found out Bloomer was a boy.

I’m the Mum who moved house on her due date.

I’m the Mum who laboured downstairs watching Deal or No Deal whilst Hubs was painting the ceiling in our new master bedroom.

I’m the Mum who suffered with Post Natal Anxiety but was misdiagnosed as Post Natal Depression.  And I wondered why the tablets didn’t help…

I’m the Mum who took a 3 week old baby to the other side of the country (Newcastle) for a Tongue Tie cut and cried like a baby.

I’m the Mum who wanted to breastfeed to 6 months, but physically and mentally couldn’t withstand the challenge.

I’m the Mum who contracted Mastitis three times within 4 and a half months, not to mention the blocked ducts.

I’m the Mum who went back to work and put O into childcare at a local nursery at 7 months.

I’m the Mum who enjoyed being back at work and having my normal life back.

I’m the Mum who got leathered on red wine the first Christmas after giving birth and ended up on the white telephone to God later that evening… Oops.

I’m the Mum who found a fabulous set of friends via Twitter to help with the day to day of bringing up your first child.

I’m the Mum who got married 12 months and 3 weeks after giving birth and I wish I’d waited longer so that I’d been able to better plan my perfect day without so many distractions.

I’m the Mum who cried on her way home from taking O to his taster session at Primary School yesterday,

I’m the Mum who went back to work part time, and then increased her hours to full time by choice.

I’m the Mum who loves her little family more than the world.

I’m the Mum who wishes her little boy would stay little forever.


What kind of Mum are you Beth, Amanda and Rachel?  I’d love for you to join in 🙂

6 thoughts on “I’m the Mum Who…

  1. I wish they would stay little forever too. I actually LOL-ed at Deal or No Deal haha what a trooper – hope it was a good episode! I was convinced Charlie was a girl too and cried when I found out he was a boy as I had no clue what to do with a boy!! Thanks for the tag xx

    1. Haha! I seriously did… It was my fave show at the time! I had my grandparents and my Dad visiting throughout the early labour in the afternoon whilst hubs was painting the ceiling and I was bouncing on my ball! Absolutely nuts circumstances haha! No problem on the tag – I look forward to reading 🙂 xx

  2. Aw I loved reading this post but how an EARTH did you move house on your due date. Wow that is impressive. Hope O had a great taster session at primary school x

    1. It was cutting it fine! My labour started 4 days later and I gave birth 5 days after his due date. It was a pretty crazy time! Thanks, he really enjoyed it x

  3. AH I love this, thanks for taking part 🙂 With everything you had going on you really didn’t need that horrendous time bfing too. What a nightmare few months 🙁 x

    1. Yeah, it was pretty tough. But we got through it eventually and I’m here today 🙂 xx

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