Improving Sleeping Habits in Summer

“Mummy, why do I have to go to bed when it’s still light outside?”.  A fair question, put to me by my 3 year old son.  After months of being told “It’s dark outside so it’s bedtime”, I can see how he would think he’s being hard done-by!  These summer nights are lovely for evening’s sat in the sunshine enjoying a barbecue or glass of wine, but can be confusing for our little ones and their bedtime routine.

I’ve previously written about my tips for a better bedtime routine, but there is something missing from my list.  Something that I wouldn’t be without and highly recommend to others…

the almighty blackout blind.

To be honest, I struggle to sleep if it’s light.  Well, actually, I struggle to sleep if it’s not pitch black.  I haven’t had the chance to think about sorting out a decent blackout blind for our bedroom, but I do use an eye mask so that I get a full night of (reasonable) undisturbed sleep.  Unfortunately, O seems to have inherited this lack of sleeping ability too which means we rely on a blackout blind for his bedroom window during light nights of the Spring and Summer.blackout blind

At our previous house, we used a roller blackout blind that we’d bought from Wilkinson’s.  It did help to block out some of the light but wasn’t great as it wasn’t tightly fitted to the window so kept O awake quite a bit.  However, we now use an adjustable blackout blind by the Gro Company which works great and can be taken to his grandparents houses when he goes for sleepovers.  It doesn’t let much light in around the edges, and fits a rather large window so works well for our circumstances.

Essentially, my best advice with blackout blinds is to invest in a decent one that will fit the window perfectly.  VELUX offer a range of blackout blinds that are fitted perfectly to a VELUX window, creating a space with perfect sleeping conditions.  Also, Hillary’s produce a great range of made-to-measure, fitted blackout blinds in a variety of colours or printed fabrics.

Are you or your children affected by the light nights/mornings?  Do you rely on blackout blinds for a good nights sleep?

Disclosure: This post is written in collaboration with VELUX.

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