Learning to Ride a Bike

As the British Summer weather hasn’t been too bad of late, we’ve been helping O to learn how to ride his bike.  We bought a children’s Disney Planes bike for him for Christmas for him, complete with stabilisers…  But this is now where the problem lies…You see, he hates the stabilisers.  He sees them as the thing that defines him as a baby and not a ‘big boy’.  He refuses to ride on the bike with the stabilisers on, but just hasn’t quite mastered how to ride it without them yet.  After a few attempts of trying, lots of tears and tantrums, I knew that this wasn’t going to work.  Learning to ride a bike isn’t supposed to be a traumatic experience!  I want him to see how fun it can be – and going about it this way just wasn’t working for him.

Learning to Ride a Bike

My sister-in-law told me that she’d used a balance bike to help my niece before moving up to a bigger bike with pedals.  They’re designed to encourage kids to learn how to balance on a moving bike, before adding in the complication of having to pedal it to move.  What a great idea!  We managed to find one second hand on a local buying/selling page on Facebook (how awesome is Social Media?!) and bought that for him to try.  If it didn’t work, we’d sell it on again.  Fingers crossed…

Learning to Ride a Bike

O quickly gathered how to control it and now spends ages whizzing up and down the long shared driveway outside our house, with his feet sticking up shouting “Wheeeeee!!!”!  It’s such a change in his behaviour – I’m really pleased.  When we come home from work and nursery, he’s asking to go out on his bike for a ‘bike ride’ up to the park and back – without even stopping to go on the swings.  He’s totally in love with his new bike and I hope that it will help to build his confidence to go make that jump to his bigger Dusty bike.

Have your kids started to learn how to ride a bike?  How did they manage?

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