Meal Planning Monday – 06-07-15

I’m being a total nightmare at meal planning at the moment…  So here is my Meal Planning Monday post on Tuesday.  I’m feeling really organised this week *sarcasm should be noted here* as I’m always on time with posts.

Anyway!  This week didn’t go too badly to be honest.  We stuck to our meal plan quite well, with only a couple of changes.  The thing is, I’m really bad at remembering to take things out of the freezer before leaving for work in the morning…  Thursday was one of those days where I just completely forgot to defrost the King Prawns.  Coupled with a terrible morning at work and some mediocre bad news, I sent the husband a text message stating we were to meet at home before trundling off to the pub for a bar meal.  Of course, he happily obliged – who would say no to an impromptu trip to the pub mid-week?!

Friday was a beautiful day up in the Lakes so we decided to sack off the Tuna Chilli and Lemon with Spaghetti that we’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks (frozen Tuna steaks again…) and went to my In-Laws for a barbecue.  It was lovely to have a good plate of protein with salad outside in the sunshine with some of our favourite people.  We expected to be out on Saturday Lunchtime but we ended up having the King Prawn and Roasted Red Pepper Quinoa after all – it was absolutely lush and I’ll be blogging the recipe over at Eat Your Heart Out very soon!

This week, Hubs (A) is away Monday and Tuesday so it’s just O and I until then.  O goes to his new school this morning (Tuesday) for a taster session and he’s off to a local farm park for his School trip on Wednesday with his Pre-school class.  This weekend will be fun with the grand total of 5 family birthdays over 3 days so lots of visiting and cake will be had.  This weeks plan goes a little something like this…

Day Breakfast Dinner Tea
Mon Bacon and Egg Sandwich Pasta Pot and fruit Pizza
Tue Boiled Egg with Soldiers Leftover Prawn Quinoa Fishfingers and Chips
Wed Beans on Toast Tuna Salad Pea and Rocket Pesto Pasta
Thu Bacon Sandwich Pea and Rocket Pesto Pasta Healthy Chicken Fajitas
Fri Poached egg with tomatoes and mushrooms Leftover Fajitas Tuna Chilli and Lemon with Spaghetti
Sat Bacon Sandwich Out Mackerel Salad
Sun Bacon with Poached Egg and Asparagus Sandwiches Roast dinner

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3 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 06-07-15

  1. Your plans are really organised! I get stuff in for breakfast and lunches, but I don’t plan them out much, I probably should a bit more as I tend to just graze otherwise. I’m going to have a boiled egg and soldiers now after looking at your plan 😉
    Have a good week and I hope your little boy enjoys his new school today 🙂

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