Meal Planning Monday – 13-07-15

This week, we’ve done pretty well sticking to our meal plan!  Instead of the fishfingers and chips, we opted for a Chippy tea as I was late finishing work (like, every night last week) and so it was thoroughly enjoyed by both O and I!  We’ve had a fairly quiet week, aside from the crazy-busy stuff going on at work at the moment.  It’s been really nice just to sit and blog whilst watching the tennis at Wimbledon!  We’ve also had a handful of family birthdays this weekend, so we’ve enjoyed spending time with our nearest and dearest.

Anyway, this week, we’re both at work and O is at pre-school for his final week.  He’ll continue to go there as a nursery/childcare option until he starts school in September.  On Tuesday evening, we have O’s graduation ceremony which I am sure he’ll enjoy – and I know I’ll cry!  It’s also the village carnival on Saturday which is usually a great day!  The community really pulls together and has a ball on the streets watching the parade go by.

I know I usually say what we’re having for breakfasts and lunches, but I just haven’t had the inspiration this week so hubs has sorted the plan for this week.  Breakfasts will probably include bacon and vegetables, and lunches will probably be leftovers (where applicable) and pasta/rice pots.  So this week, our meal plan looks a little like this…

Monday – Pizza

Tuesday – Beef Stew with Dumplings (I know, totally not a summer dish but I need to empty the freezer)

Wednesday – Chicken in Orange Sauce with Spring Greens and Carrots

Thursday – Ham & Mushroom Chicken

Friday – Pea, Mozzarella and Lemon Tart

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