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This week, we have the lovely Mummy Muncher from Life with Munchers sharing her first family holiday experience.  Life with Munchers is a fantastic Parenting & Lifestyle blog, with an exceptional eye for interior design.  Go follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin’!  

My First... Feature

Let me just bring you up to speed with what kind of person I am…I am a worrier. I have the foresight of Mystic Meg and you can set your watch by our family routines. So needless to say our first family holiday was something I’d somewhat feared over the years, which was why we didn’t even consider it until Munch was approaching 3 years old.DSCF9376

Naturally the mere mention of flights, airports and hotter climate had me in cold sweats. A flight with a newly potty trained child…not a chance. So for our first family holiday we stuck to the UK. I figured that if we drove to holiday location then we at least had the versatility of going out and about and we were restricted to local amenities. So we headed for the central belt of Scotland.DSCF9488

This was the perfect choice for us, as it meant we had Glasgow and Edinburgh as out playground and all the inbetween. It was only a few hours drive from home in Aberdeen.DSCF9332

There is plenty to do in the central belt, from the zoo and butterfly farm in Edinburgh, to the transport museum in Glasgow. We even took advantage of nipping into Ikea (something we don’t have up in Aberdeen). We hired a little 2 bed cottage which allowed us to keep the same bedtime routines and meant that we had the freedom of our evenings. We ate out for lunch every day, but dinner was spent at the cottage as we’d had a Tesco shop delivered the day we arrived.DSCF9220

We also had a nice day when we nipped down to the borders and met up with Mental Parentals for the day and a pottery café and local animal park.


Since our first holiday we have been very brave and flown abroad to France this year and also down to London where we had to share a room with Munch. For anyone who is a worrier like me, let me assure you it is not as bad as you imagine. No ones head spins off just because you have a late night and certainly not because you share a room. Infact the positives of the experience far outweigh any fears. It’s something I’d wished we’d done sooner, although with number 2 on the way I think we’ll stick to the UK next year, just so we have the car to get out and about.

Thank you so much Mummy Muncher!  What a great post.  I’d love to visit Scotland with O sometime as it’s such a beautiful place and really not that far away from us!  Can you remember where you took your kiddies on your first family holiday?  I’d love to know!

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  1. Our first family holiday was to the Isle of Wight. Miss B was just 2. I am a worrier and was petrified of falling out of routine, but I’m pleased to say it went fantastically well. We hired a cottage and did self catering. We took my parents and hubs and I even managed a date night to the pub (which we could see from the cottage!!!!).
    Lovely post.

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