No Sinking; Just Swimming

As you may have earlier read, we have just returned from our family holiday to the Hotel Baia Bodrum in Gundogan, Turkey where we spent most of our time down at the kids pool swimming, relaxing on the sun loungers and bonding as a family.

Baia Bodrum

Before we set off on holiday, we had been taking O swimming to our local pool to try to improve his swimming skills in the water. A friend of ours got their child some Coast2Coast Private Swimming lessons to try and improve their swimming and says they’re great! He’s always loved going swimming but he’s at an age and ability now where he could learn to swim without floatation aids. At our local pool, he’d been used to using a Noodle to help float but we just couldn’t fit that into our cases so armbands had to do!

He absolutely loved the smallest kids pool. It had a huge water feature in the centre that provided a decent amount of shade which had three sets of steps leading up to a platform from which they could choose one of three slides to go down! He spent hours going up and down these slides and laughing as he splashed into the water at the bottom. This pool was only 0.4m deep too which meant we could sit and watch him playing happily in the pool from our sun loungers – he loved the independence!


To one side of the kids pool was a fenced off area which led into the adjacent deeper pool. There were two larger water slides that fed into one end of the pool which were more suited for older children and adults. But, O is quite brave when it comes to the water so he was pleading to get on the bigger water slides!

Baia Bodrum

By the end of the holiday, he was coming down the big slides on his own, not wanting to be caught at the bottom. I must add, that we did accompany him up the stairs and went down the slide next to the one he used which was faster anyway…


I think a holiday such as the one we had was great for building confidence in the water. O did so well and I’m really chuffed he had such a good time.

Do your children love the water like O?

2 thoughts on “No Sinking; Just Swimming

  1. OMG I’m a right tattie. We followed munch round the 2 inch deep pool in France incase she slipped, but in saying that the loungers weren’t next to that pool, so we couldn’t have supervised from a comfy spot. He looks like he is loving it! x

    1. Oh, you dafty! I suppose if you can’t sit out of the pool but close by, it makes sense to be in the pool with them. Maybe sitting on the edge is an idea for next time? He loved the pools though – and definitely the big slides! x

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