The End of a Chapter: Graduating Pre-School

Last week, we experienced the end of a chapter.  O graduated from pre-school.  He’s been in nursery for a minimum of a few hours a week since he was 8 months old, increased the hours when I went full time 18 months ago and continued to attend the same childcare facility into pre-school.

I can’t believe it’s nearly over.  I mean, yes, he has graduated.  But he’s still attending the nursery over the holidays whilst his Daddy and I go to work.  Which is quite a lot as we’re both full-time, Monday to Friday.  His last few days in the nursery with the wonderful staff will be really hard – for me, at least.  He loves his teachers and all his little friends so much.


Anyway, that’s another post for another day.  Today, I’m talking his graduation.  I was pleased that it took place on a Tuesday evening rather than through the day – so many other parents miss out due to work commitments.  The room was stuffed full of proud parents, cameras and tissues at the ready.  O and the other children donned their robes with the help of the staff and in they strode.

Family pic - graduation

They helped to read a story book and sang a couple of songs, including Twinkle Twinkle We are Stars – a song about leaving pre-school and progressing to big school, knowing that they’ll do well.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room!  I tried my best not to cry like a softie and saved it all for the car journey home…  O is quite a shy young boy and so quietly joined in with the singing whilst standing at the back of the group of children.  It must have been very overwhelming for them all though and they all did extremely well – I’m so proud!

Big Smiles

O was presented with a certificate and framed photograph of himself in his Graduation outfit by the Chairman of the local Council.  He didn’t actually properly smile until he sat next to his best friend, J, for a photograph together.  It’s such a shame that they won’t be going to the same school as they both talk a lot about each other!

And a Graduation ceremony wouldn’t be the same without a silly family selfie…


Has your little one graduated from pre-school?  How did you handle it?

8 thoughts on “The End of a Chapter: Graduating Pre-School

    1. Bless Munch! I was surprised O stayed with the group, to be honest. He was lucky that it was quite a small pre-school class. x

  1. He looks so grown up! Can’t believe our kids have finished preschool. Feels like yesterday we were chatting about weaning!! MADNESS! x

    1. Thanks Kim! He enjoyed it really – he just hates posing for photographs haha x

    1. Doesn’t he just?! I was rather teary but did manage to hold it together… just! xx

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