My First… Experience of Motherhood

This week, we welcome the lovely Ashleigh from Loving My Finley.  Ashleigh shares her first experience of Motherhood, sharing how she thought she would feel and the reality of motherhood following the birth of her son.  I recall many similar thoughts of becoming a first time mum – read on to see what you think…

My First... Feature

My most difficult ‘first’ in my life has to be the first time I became a mummy. It didn’t hit home till I had given birth how hard it really is being a mum. Ever since I can remember I had dreamt of having children, I wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible but I never actually took into account that I will be stuck being a mum for the rest of my life.

Once I fell pregnant I was on top of the world, everyone telling me “you need to make the most of all the free time you’ve got for the next 9 months as it all goes out the window once baby is here” I just used to shrug it off and think that it can’t be as bad as people say.

On my due date I went into labour and instead of panicking, I was super excited. My birth was eventful but surprisingly good, as soon as I saw my little boy I thought that I could do that a thousand times over as it wasn’t as bad as everyone said. Once we had got settled at home with our newborn I then realised how hard life’s going to be now we have a little boy to look after. I couldn’t go to the bathroom on my own, I couldn’t eat on my own or even have 10 minutes break on my own. Okay as rewarding as being a mummy is, no one ever REALLY warns you how hard it’s going to be. Now my son is 22 months old it’s not got much easier.

My First Experience of Motherhood

Maybe I’m the only one that has taken time to get used to not being just ‘me’ any more but ‘us’. But don’t let this put you off having children if you haven’t already as it’s truly amazing despite them few things, watching my son grow into a lovely little boy and watching him learn new things every day.

What a great post – I don’t think it does hit home how much your life changes until it happens!  If you like what you read, you can follow Ashleigh on Twitter and Facebook for general chat and blog updates.

I’m always on the lookout for guest writers to take part in the series – if you’d like to share one of your first experiences, please complete the online form here.  Remember you don’t have to be a blogger to share your story!

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