O: 4 Years Update

I thought I’d start doing update posts on O’s development as a way to look back and see how he’s changed over the years…  So here is O’s 4 year update…

Today is your birthday – I can’t believe you’ve turned 4!  It doesn’t seem like yesterday I was bouncing away on my ball in the living room of our first house, watching Deal or No Deal whilst in early Labour and your Daddy was upstairs painting the ceiling in our new master bedroom.  You’ve changed so much this last year too!

Whinlatter Forest 13

You’ve been in size 4-5 clothes for a good few months already, as you’ve always been quite tall.  You’ve become awesome at getting your hair cut too – even asking to visit K at the hairdressers!  I think it’s because you really like playing with the toys she has hidden in the box down the side of the sofa and the fact she gives you a tonne of sweeties afterwards…

Learning to Ride a Bike

You have really started to progress in learning to swim – using your noodle to help stay afloat.  We really should take you swimming more.  Hopefully that’s something we’ll have more time to do soon.  You’ve also really taken to learning to ride your bike – you often ask when we return home from work/nursery and at the weekend if you can go on a bike ride!  You love being outdoors and playing with friends, it’s so lovely to see you enjoying yourself so much.

Pre-school Graduation

You are quite happy with the big changes that are fast-approaching – leaving nursery and starting ‘big’ school in September.  I think I’m actually more upset about it!  You loved your settling in morning back in July, and can’t wait to start in September when we come back from our holiday with Daddy’s family.  Your speech is coming along great, with a really diverse vocabulary.  You do get some things mixed up, which is so cute!  You have great physical control too, always moving your body into some strange position and shouting “Look what I can do!”.


This summer was the first time we went on holiday abroad as a family of three too!  You had such a great time in the pool, but you weren’t keen on the kids disco on an evening.  Instead you’d be happier playing cards with us, reading books or watching a DVD.  It was such a great opportunity for us to bond for nearly 2 whole weeks with no other distractions, work mainly, and we all came away feeling closer than we did before.


You still love to give cuddles, and regularly tell me “I love you Mummy”.  You’ve no idea how much this melts my heart – you are an affectionate little boy!  You don’t say it as much to Daddy, but when you do I know Daddy loves it too.  As I’m writing this, I can hear you downstairs playing with him.  Laughing and giggling, talking and playing together – it’s a lovely sound.


Happy 4th birthday O.  I hope you have a great birthday weekend and you continue to feel loved and special.  Love you lots like jelly tots, from Mummy xxx

3 thoughts on “O: 4 Years Update

  1. That last photo is gorgeous! I can’t believe our babies are all 4 soon but O has turned into such a grown up little dude – so polite and just lovely! Happy Birthday O x

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