Keeping A Secret…

Can you keep a secret?

Pregnancy Announcement

We’re expecting baby number 2!  I had the dating scan last week and can now happily announce that I am 14 weeks pregnant!

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been blogging very much lately.  This is wholly down to how absolutely rotten I’ve been feeling!  My morning sickness has been pretty heavy nausea, thankfully without the vomiting, but is still ongoing.  I am hoping to gain some respite from it soon but I’m not keeping my hopes up…  I suffer with low blood pressure in pregnancy too so that makes the whole nausea-thing worse, not to mention the light-headedness, dizzy spells and blackouts.  On the up-side, I’ve not gained much weight but have a rather prominent bump!

I’ve not got any really strong cravings or anything but I am rather enjoying nectarines, cheesy Wotsits and the new limited edition Banana, Mango & Papaya Mullerlights.  I’m absolutely hating meat at the moment, which is a right pain as we’re a family of meat-eaters!  Especially chicken, which was my main source of protein pre-pregnancy.  Hopefully this will ease as the morning sickness disappears – fingers crossed!

I’m also feeling pretty down about having all my lovely clothes in the wardrobes and not being able to wear them as they don’t fit…  My jeans are all high-waisted and won’t go anywhere near fastening and all my tops/dresses are fitted and now extremely uncomfortable.  Any tips on maternity fashion advice would be greatly appreciated!

O is so incredibly excited to become a big brother!  He says he has no preference on whether he gets a baby brother or baby sister and I believe him.  He’s grown up closely with his two girl cousins, who he sometimes calls his sisters, so I don’t doubt that he wouldn’t mind either way.  He’s been saying for a while that he wanted a baby for Christmas – well, now he’s getting one!  Albeit not until March…

I aim to update the blog with bump photos and pregnancy updates every now and again, hopefully being able to blog more in a couple of weeks time when I’m not feeling so exhausted!  Here’s one for starters at 14 weeks…  I took O blackberry picking at a local wood this morning and asked him to take a photo of Baby and I.  He loved it – and he didn’t do too bad of a job!  I think I will ask him to be my photographer for each of these photos going forward…

Pregnancy Bump 14 Weeks

 Not bad for a 4 year old, hey?

16 thoughts on “Keeping A Secret…

  1. Congratulations, I hope you are feeling better soon. I was so sick during both my pregnancies, I had no energy, which isn’t great when you have another little one to look after! Aw great bump for 14 weeks! You will have to get O to take regular bump photos!

    1. Thank you!! The exhaustion part is pretty awful and I feel so guilty about not being able to be my best with O. I’m trying! I do love O’s photo – he’s done a great job x

    1. Thank you! I think he has too – he’s got a vTech camera of his own which he loves so I think that has helped! Agree with the sickness… its horrible! Xx

  2. Oh huge congratulations! I hope everything eases I had terrible morning sickness too why they call it that I don’t know! That picture is great ! You should totally get him to take the rest!xx

    1. Thank you Hannah! I love his picture – he’s been practising with his own camera and I’ll definitely continue to ask him to be my artistic director! I love a child’s creativity xx

  3. Ahh congratulations, will you be finding out the gender at all? O has taken a very good photo there. Hope your nausea eases soon. Take care xx

  4. Oh wow huge congratulations what lovely news 🙂 I’m wondering if you’re @mysterypreggers on twitter but I think the weeks don’t quite match. Hope you start to feel better soon and I think investing in a few pieces of maternity wear will make you feel better x

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