Choosing a Care Home Provider

*This is a collaborative post.

As I think about writing this post, I realize that I’ve gotten to almost 30 years old whilst living alongside my family. That doesn’t go to say that I have no experience of care homes; I have seen friends’ grandparents, aunts and uncles live out their elder years in care due to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc.

The whole world of care can be an incredibly daunting prospect, not to mention all the confusing and conflicting information available out there. Barchester Healthcare, founded in 1992 and now one of the country’s largest independent care providers, has produced an eBook addressing the most common concerns regarding paying for care and the options available.

It has often been portrayed in the media that family homes must be sold in order to pay for the ‘vast’ care bills that are associated with moving into a private care home. This eBook helps to clarify the circumstances, many of which would not require any sale of property, as all applicants for funding from local authorities would be subject to financial assessment.

The eBook also provides information on Pensions and Benefits, What to Expect during Financial Assessment, Care Home Fees, and details of other organizations that can be contacted to obtain Financial Advice.

Barchester Healthcare provides care for those who need it up and down the country – even in Cumbria! Although I am lucky that I haven’t experienced first-hand a close family member being unable to care for themselves, I know that there are plenty of options available should the need arise.

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