Converse Sneakers from Jones Bootmaker – Review

Every Mum has a Mum Uniform.  I love my Mum Uniform.  When I’m not at work, you can generally find me hovering around a cup of tea, wearing a comfy top, jeans and Converse sneakers.  The lovely folk over at Jones Bootmaker asked if I’d like to review an item from their Ladies collection, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Converse sneakers available!  I thought they just sold boots!  Awesome.

Jones Bootmaker

The Converse arrived in their slim cardboard box, wrapped in tissue paper, complete with delivery note.  There was a choice of colours available on the website, but there was only one colour available in my size.  Thankfully, I love purple.  Like, it’s my favourite colour.  My bridesmaids wore purple dresses at my wedding.  My whole house is decorated purple with complimentary colours.  Yippee for purple Converse!

Jones Bootmaker

If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited at the concept of purple trainers.  Especially Converse.  Well done, Jones Bookmaker!  My post on Instagram expressing my delight at purple shoes was surprisingly popular – apparently there are many mums out there who join me in a similar Mum Uniform!

Jones Bootmaker

I’ve had these for a few weeks now, having given them a good opportunity to break in and mould to my feet.  Like most shoes, they rubbed a little on my little toes at first, but are fine now that they’ve had chance to get used to me!  They’re a really comfy pair of sneakers, although aren’t great for those that need plenty of support due to low arches as they’re a very flat style of shoe.

Jones Bootmaker

Do you have a Mum Uniform?  What is your shoe of choice?

Disclosure:  The product was sent to me for the purposes of this review, however all words and opinions are my own.  Product details correct at time of order, however specifics may vary dependant on supplier stock.

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