Pregnancy Update – 29 Weeks

Yesterday I turned 29 weeks pregnant!  I think I say this with every update, but, where is the time going!?  I seem to be flying through this pregnancy at an alarming rate!  My last update was at 23 weeks and so much has happened since then.  My bump then looks so little in comparison to this update!

I’ll start where I left off…  At 24 weeks, I attended my routine Midwife appointment and cried like a baby expressed my concerns about the birth.  I’ve written before about my fears of another complicated birth so won’t go into it again here.  I am pretty petrified of the prospect of giving birth to another large baby.  The poor midwife suggested I was put into the care of a consultant and arranged for an appointment where I could discuss my concerns and options available to me.

29 weeks pregnant

My appointment with the consultant came around quickly.  The doctor, a very nice lady indeed, explained why I’d had difficulties during the birth of O but also told me of the positives I had experienced without knowing them.  Like, I needed forceps to assist in O’s delivery, but the Obstetrician had only needed one ‘pull’ rather than the three or four that is usually required.  This made me feel a bit more confident in that my body can cope with the size of baby it’s making!!  But it’s still a very scary prospect.  Because O had been an unexpectedly large baby, I was asked to undertake a glucose test for gestational diabetes as this can be the cause of ‘big babies’.  I did so (the syrup that you drink really doesn’t taste bad at all – it’s actually quite pleasant!) and the results came back within normal range.

I attended my 28 week appointment just before Christmas and, again, everything was fine.  I’m really happy that the pregnancy is going well with as few complications as possible – really similar to my pregnancy with O, thankfully.  The midwife measured my bump, which measured at exactly 28 weeks.  My first pregnancy measurements also were of sizes to be expected but were hiding a large baby so I’m not really convinced with these measurements either!  I received my flu jab which I should have made an appointment for weeks ago (oops) and made an appointment for the Whooping Cough vaccination and my 31 week routine appointment.

I’m actually feeling quite calm about coming towards the end of my pregnancy which is quite surprising considering my utter panic and severe anxiety surrounding the birth.  I think it’s really down to the fact that there’s been so much going on lately, Christmas and house renovations, that I haven’t really had time to dwell on the fact that the baby is getting bigger and will soon need out of it’s cosy home and into my arms!  I’ve really enjoyed our last Christmas as a family of three, and looking forward to counting down my 6 weeks left at work before starting Maternity Leave.  I promise to start updating the blog a bit more regularly too!

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