Meal Planning Monday – Week 4/52

I’ve been back at meal-planning for a while now, mainly to keep on track with eating healthily.  Hubs is also taking part in Dryanuary to raise money for Cancer Research UK and is doing a fantastic job for a great cause.  He’s been following the Slimming World plan and so I’ve been indirectly following it too.  It’s just easier to make one set of meals for the household using  one meal plan!

So, sticking with the Slimming World plan, we’re having to be clever with our meals to make sure that O will eat (most of) them too.  He’s not a fan of the “meat and veg” traditional dinners that Slimming World is so encouraging of, and neither is he a big lover of heavily spiced meals like curries.

This week, we’ll be eating fruit with fat free yogurt or bacon sandwiches for breakfast whilst O enjoys porridge with berries.  Lunches will be a mixture of leftovers from the night before, Italian Bean Stew and a Spicy Roasted Root Vegetable Soup.  All of which are super scrummy and perfect for taking to work for bait.

We’re trying a new recipe this week, but sticking with a lot of tried & tested meals that we are all happy to eat – partly because I’d ran out of motivation to find new ideas as I’ve come down with a pretty nasty cold…  So this week we’re eating:

Monday – Cottage Pie

Tuesday – Chicken Chow Mein

Wednesday – Homemade Burgers

Thursday – Jacket Potato with Tuna & Salad

Friday – Sausage, Mash & Vegetables

Saturday – Black-Eyed Bean Chilli with Rice

I’d love to know what you guys are eating!  Do you create a weekly meal plan?

Meal Planning Monday


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