Personalised Space Patrol Alien Catcher Book – Review

A few days before the 2015 Cumbria Floods all kicked off, I was contacted by James of Amazing Pages asking if we’d like to review a personalised book from their new range.  I input a few details in to the website order form, uploaded a photograph and that was that – sorted.  I just had to wait for it to be printed and sent out.


It arrived within a few days (unfortunately not before the floods, hence the delay in writing up the review) and O couldn’t wait to get stuck in and reading it.  The story follows O and his secret hobby as a Space Patrol Alien Catcher!  The story is filled with funny turns and O laughs his head off whilst we’re reading this book.  The planet named “Banana Sock” is a real hoot so it would seem!


The story contains details of O’s life as I provided at the time of ordering, including the village we live, his friend’s name and his favourite food.  The photograph of him in the astronaut suit really brings the story to life, although it was pretty difficult to find a photo that was neither too large, nor too small, showing his full smiling face, rather than the silly faces he pulls!  He isn’t exactly one for smiling at the camera!


It references current life in a fabulous way and the 35 page story is really well written, with aliens a-plenty!  I would definitely recommend this Amazing Pages personalised book and, priced from £19.99, I think it would make a really great gift for a loved little one too.

Disclosure:  We were sent this item for free for the purposes of this review, however all words and opinions are our own.

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4 thoughts on “Personalised Space Patrol Alien Catcher Book – Review

  1. This looks brilliant, and the fact that it’s personalised with photos too is so clever! Anything which is personalised always keeps their attention more than other books.
    You say it’s 35 pages, which seems just a bit too long for my 4yo for one night’s reading. What do you think?!

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