Pregnancy Update – 32 Weeks

Three weeks have passed since I gave my last pregnancy update at 29 weeks.  Here we are at 32 weeks pregnant, and feeling every day of it!  Christmas has been and gone and we’re into the final stretch counting down to the birth of baby!

Just after Christmas, I was given the Whooping Cough vaccination.  Man alive, it gave me such a dead arm!  The following day, I fell going up the stairs at work and landed awkwardly, injuring my knee and left hand.  I finished off my day at work, feeling worse as the day progressed and noting that I hadn’t been feeling the same movements as usual.  I spent some time on the monitor at the hospital, which showed there was nothing to worry about – I just needed to start relaxing!  I’d sat stressed as heck at work all day and it would seem once I started to relax, I could feel the movements of a happy little baby once again.  Phew!  The midwife and the Doctor in A&E recommended I stay home from work the following day and rest up, which I did after a little persuasion.

I’ve tried not to get so stressed since, which has proved difficult as I’m a total control freak, and so A and I made the important decision to bring my maternity leave start date forward.  Knowing I’ve now only got another week left at work has helped me to find my inner peace!  In another bid to reduce stress, I’ve persuaded hubby, A, to put together all the nursery furniture, the new Moses basket has now arrived and we’ve ordered a new car seat and travel system.  All of this was playing on my mind terribly!

Pregnancy 32 weeks

Regardless of this, I’m still suffering with pregnancy insomnia – something that I expect to continue until the baby is born…  I know, I know, it’s my body preparing me for life with a newborn baby!  It still doesn’t make it easier lying awake 2-5am, knowing O will wake up at any time from 5:45am…  But with insomnia comes a crazy level of tiredness too!  Here’s hoping I can start to rest a bit more when my maternity leave kicks in.

I’m also experiencing quite a bit of backache, but more so suffering with Pelvic Girdle Pain (once known as SPD).  According to the midwife, this is worsened because I am hypermobile, commonly known as being ‘double-jointed’.  It’s getting more and more difficult to complete everyday tasks, like laundry and cooking, but I’m trying my best.  Hubs, A, is being a total star, cooking dinner almost every night and helping to bath O.

This next couple of weeks, I’m going to need to pack up a bag ready for the hospital.  I can’t remember for the life of me what I should be taking, other than the bare essentials, so any suggestions would be welcomed!  Here’s to Week 32!

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update – 32 Weeks

  1. I bet that was such a worry not feeling movements, I am glad everything is ok. I think your doing the right thing going on mat leave early as you must be knackered with not sleeping. I am hypermobile too and suffered pelvic pain and it was awful I was walking like an old lady, at least hubby is looking after you. I bet it is starting to get exciting now you have baby things getting built and ordered. I always packed far to much in my hospital bags, although I did forget to take in clothes for myself coming home when I had Sophia and ended up wearing my pj top to come home in. xx

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