Meal Planning Monday 8/2016

Last weeks meal plan was a bit of a fail…  Partly because I felt rough and hubs was in hospital for a minor operation.  So, this week must be better!  O is back at school today, which he isn’t particularly pleased about, but it will be good to get some routine back to our days.  I just hope that the return to school doesn’t upset the later get-ups we’ve been having recently!

Today, it’s my best friends birthday and she’s off work, so she’s coming to us for the afternoon for a birthday tea.  O loves to spend time with his Auntie and he’ll be super surprised that she’ll be there to pick him up from school too!  The rest of the week is a pretty straightforward week, with nothing much going on other than a few mundane appointments through the week.  Not forgetting my next pregnancy massage…  Yay!

So, my plan for this week is:

Monday – Special Birthday Tea

Tuesday – Italian Bean Stew

Wednesday – Chicken Chow Mein (because I forgot to buy chicken last week…)

Thursday – Diet Cola Chicken with vegetables

Friday – Beef stew

Saturday – Pasta Bolognese

As always, we’re linking up to the Meal Planning Monday linky hosted by At Home With Mrs M.

Meal Planning Monday

24 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 8/2016

  1. Ahh we make dinner with coke too! My mum has a (rather popular amongst family and friends) coca-cola ham that she makes – it’s epic! Some wonderful suggestions and just like your cake recipe, I’ll be giving it a go! H 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend…
    I’ve never had Diet Cola Chicken either…One of those things I keep meaning to try but never get around to making x

  3. Happy birthday to ur friend.
    I love reading meal planning posts to give me inspiration I really need to start meal planning once again.

  4. Oh i hope you enjoy that pregnancy massage. It’s nice to get some routine back to you lives. Your week sounds super yummy. I have started to meal plan again this week and popped ours on the blog. I find I’m much likely to stick to it if I have blogged it. Have a good week.

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