Pregnancy Update – 34 Weeks

Here we are at 34 weeks pregnant.  It’s crazy how quickly the weeks have flown by!  We’ve had quite a lot happen in the last couple of weeks since my 32 week update.  The theme of my last post seemed to surround how stressful life has been lately and how much I was struggling with pregnancy insomnia and Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP/SPD)…

This last couple of weeks have been a bit more positive, thankfully!  I went to a local therapy centre just before I turned 33 weeks pregnant for a pregnancy-friendly aromatherapy full body massage.  I didn’t even know these things existed until my wonderful sister-in-law bought me a gift voucher for Christmas.  The massage table had holes cut into it where your bump and breasts were to go, and for the first time in months I could lay fully on my front.  The immediate relief from the constant pain in my lower back  almost sent me into a flood of tears, but I managed to hold myself together!  It was amazing.  The masseuse helped to re-align my pelvis and did some reflexology too.  I walked out of the centre like a new woman!  I felt the benefits so much, I’ve booked another appointment for a few weeks time.

34 weeks pregnant

I’ve also now finished work for 11 months of maternity leave.  The feeling on Friday of packing up my desk and leaving to pick up O from school was one of relief, more than anything.  I do very much enjoy my job, and hope to be able to do some Keeping In Touch days during my leave so that I don’t feel so anxious about my return in 2017.  But I am so ready for a break.  There’s been a few comments made about how it’ll be like a year off on holiday – oh, how naieve!  I remember far too well how difficult maternity leave was with one child, and soon I will have a 4 year old as well as a newborn so this next couple of weeks of rest will be well deserved!

I’ve been pretty rough with a cold over the last week too which hasn’t been great and I still haven’t packed up my hospital bag, but will do over this next week or so, hopefully…  Any suggestions on what I should pack would be appreciated!

This morning we attended a 34 week scan to determine how my placenta  is lying and how baby is growing.  Good news – my placenta has moved and is now in an anterior position rather than blocking my birth canal as it was at my 20 week scan.  Other news – the baby is measuring larger than “average” for 34 weeks, at approx. 5 lbs 10 oz.  I’m due for a Consultant’s appointment later this week and will be discussing the results of the scan there.  I’m not sure what my best options are for labour and delivery just yet…  Although I’d love to have an unmedicated water birth, I really don’t know if I have the cahoonas for it.  I’m petrified of having another experience like O’s birth, even though I know in the grander scheme of things that wasn’t that bad.  Do I just suck it up, realise I can’t do it and go for an epidural?  Or even a planned c-section?  I just don’t know…

10 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update – 34 Weeks

  1. 11 month off work. It’s such a strange feeling isn’t it when you leave. Sorry to hear you’ve had a cold but glad your back is better. As for the birth go with what you think is best. Unfortunately my 2nd birth was just as bad as my first x

  2. I can’t believe you are 34 weeks – that seems to have flown by! The reflexology sounds amazing, and definitely a great idea for relaxation at this stage.

  3. Oh your massage sounds amazing, I can understand why you’ve booked another! I remember the feeling of leaving my office for the last time before maternity leave. I genuinely did not know if I was going to come back.

  4. This makes me so broody! Enjoy your time off with your little one, my 12 months flew by and try your best not to worry about the main event, if you need a epidural so be it just make sure you’re taking care of yourself 🙂 x

  5. Glad you got some relief from the massage. I had terrible SPD was on crutches for most of the pregnancy. I too had a scan at 35 weeks and she measured about 6lbs which left me worried about delivery. Consultant induced at 37 weeks and she was born new years day. I’ve just posted her birth story on my blog, it might put your mind at rest a bit also some options for pain relief if you don’t want an epidural xx

  6. I hope you are enjoying the start of maternity leave, I was so happy when I left to have Sophia as it meant I got to spend some time with my eldest without being totally knackered all the time. That massage sounds amazing ! xx

  7. I had a pregnancy massage as a treat from my auntie and it was amazing. I hope you enjoy the next few weeks and get a chance to spend some quality time with O as well as rest! Xx

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