Puzzling Place, Keswick – Review

During the holidays, we’re always looking for new places to visit and interesting things to do.  Partly to occupy our 4 year old, O, but it’s also nice to find activities that we can all enjoy together.  We had been told about the Puzzling Place centre in Keswick and decided it was worth a trip!

It’s pretty difficult to find, as it’s tucked away down one of the lanes off the Main Street, and up a rather extensive set of stairs, but once you get up there it’s all on one level.  We paid our admission costs (£3.75 each at the time of our visit), which was just for the 2 of us as O was under 5 years old he gained free entry.  Bonus!  You can enter the gift shop and small puzzle area for free, but we wanted to get into the real bones of the attraction.

Puzzling Place, Keswick

Puzzling Place, Keswick

The Puzzling Place, Keswick, turns into a World of Illusion filled with, well, illusions!  There’s a variety of illusions using mirrors, different perspectives and what appear to be very strange shaped pieces…  There’s an anti-gravity room, which I didn’t go in due to pregnancy nausea, but A and O said it was a very odd experience.

Our favourite part, and the easiest to capture on film, was of a room that distorts your size.  Now, my husband is no ‘average Joe’.  He’s a good 6 feet and 3 inches tall.  O is a taller-than-average 4 year old, but clearly looks tiny walking alongside his Daddy.  So imagine O’s delight when he appeared to be taller than his Dad!

Puzzling Place, Keswick

Puzzling Place, Keswick

There’s also a Hologram gallery full of amazing prints and ‘Eyelusions Exhibition’ that further explores the world of optical illusions.  Unfortunately, the Puzzling Place doesn’t have any public toilets available which can be a bit of a pain for any families with young children, however there are public toilets available in nearby to the premises.

The Puzzling Place, Keswick is definitely a great place for families but appeals to all ages as everyone can enjoy the fascinating illusions.  We had a great morning at the Puzzling Place, Keswick and will definitely be heading back.

22 thoughts on “Puzzling Place, Keswick – Review

  1. I love these quirky little places you can find in the Lake District. Reminds me of the funny mirrors you used to see at the seaside.

  2. Oh this looks fantastic! Different from the usual places we visit, you know zoos, National Trust properties or museums. This looks so much fun. Now if only Keswick wasn’t too far from where we live, we’d definitely visit 🙂

  3. wow I love the look of this! haha and at 5″ 2 I am always looking for ways to appear taller against the 6″ husband :p and this would be a great idea for little monster who has just turned 4! what a great find!

  4. OOh now these kind of places remind me of charlie and the chocolate factory when they all go through the doors and weird things happen x

  5. Wow never been here but it looks like the sort of place my kids would love to visit 🙂 will have to look it up 🙂 xx

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