What’s in my Hospital Bag?

I’ve been meaning to pack my hospital bag for the last few weeks… but with the persuasion help of my best friend, K, we’ve managed to pull together my essentials for labour, birth and brief hospital stay.  This is my second labour, having given birth to O over 4 years ago, but I honestly had no idea what to pack.  It’s like starting from scratch again!  So, what’s in my hospital bag?

Hospital Bag

Essentials for: Labour & Birth

Hospital Bag

In my pregnancy with O, I spent hours pulling together a playlist of my favourite music to play during labour with songs by the Foo Fighters, Aerosmith, Muse and the like.  I don’t really remember it playing, although it did play for the entirety of the labour, and it didn’t really help.  This time, I’ve downloaded some relaxation music to help me through and I think this will work much better!  So, what’s in my hospital bag for labour…

  • Pregnancy Notes;
  • An old Nightie to labour in;
  • Flip Flops to wander around in comfortably and for ease of getting in/out of the birthing pool;
  • Massage Oil – during O’s labour, I had a lot of pain in my back.  Hopefully, massage can help with the ‘pain’ of contractions;
  • Dressing Gown;
  • Hair bobbles;
  • Camera;
  • Isotonic Drinks & Snacks – I’ve chosen a bag of pear drops (who doesn’t love pear drops?!) and a bag of peanuts and raisins for energy – if I can stomach to eat anything;
  • Phone chargers;
  • Earphones.

Essentials for: Baby

Hospital Bag

This has been the hardest section to figure out as it’s been so long since I had a newborn baby!  O was a summer baby too so I didn’t have the cold to factor in either!  So, here’s what’s in my hospital bag for baby…

  • Vests, minimum 3;
  • Sleepsuits, minimum 3;
  • Scratch mitts;
  • Woollen hat;
  • Cardigan;
  • Booties;
  • Blankets;
  • Nappies;
  • Petroleum Jelly.

Essentials for: Mum’s Hospital Stay

Hospital Bag

The time after birth needs to be made as comfortable as possible for Mum, I remember… and be filled with as much rest as possible.  So, here’s what’s in my hospital bag for Mum’s hospital stay…

  • Maternity Pads;
  • Comfortable underwear & nursing bras;
  • Comfortable clothes;
  • Nighties;
  • Makeup;
  • Toiletries;
  • Hair Brush;
  • Breast Pads;
  • Towel;
  • Hair-dryer & diffuser;
  • And last, but not least, chocolate.

Would you add anything to my list?  What did you pack in your hospital bag?

18 thoughts on “What’s in my Hospital Bag?

  1. Your hospital bag seems so organised. I remember i kept leaving and leaving mine right up until the last minute. I was like you too and took lots of little snacks first time around. Second time I had a planned section so wasn’t allowed to eat anything before 🙁 book Best of luck Hun. x

  2. Great tips for what to put in the hospital bag. I had very similar things though I remember ditching the snacks for the last baby as the previous two we didn’t use them and Adam just went to the vending machines if he got hungry! I am high risk for a section so I’m not allowed anything either haha! I had insisted on not going to the hospital until the very last minute last time and ended up giving birth in my top so never got to use my labour nightie – but I had one and really would have preferred it :/ xx

  3. Eeek, so close now! I’m going to pack mine soon as with moving house goodness knows how I’ll find what I need if everything’s in boxes! I couldn’t have managed Toby’s labour without a TENS machine because I didn’t get on well with the gas and air. Lucozade and flapjacks were essential! Good luck lovely xx

  4. Agh, I think my comment was just eaten! I was just saying how organised your bag looks, the list is super and well thought out! I think a bag packed well will make things so much easier! x

  5. Last time round I had most of my labour at home so there wee very few things in my hospital bag as I wasn’t planning on staying. Will be different this time round so I guess I will need to think about it soon! Thanks for the reminder. x

  6. I think you’ve thought of everything there, I had a water birth so wore my tankini top in the birthing pool. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy x

  7. Seems your organised. I always repacked my bag and still ended up forgetting something.
    First time it was the camera and it upset me.

  8. This is getting me so excited to start organising mine! I still have quite a while to go though. I also have bought that black and white star babygrow 🙂 They’re lovely aren’t they.

  9. That’s a really comprehensive list! In my last 2 labours, I had some weak moments when I had absolutely no more energy and a tablespoon of honey really helped get a bit more energy.

  10. That’s a well stocked maternity bag. I wasn’t allowed my lucozade drinks at all during labour. I was told the sugar wasn’t good for me or the baby. I had to have just water. I’ll be intetested in how you get on

  11. Wow, your hospital bag is thorough! I’m planning a home birth so just have the basics in my bag just in case – PJs, maternity pads and disposable pants (nice), nursing bra, breast pads, outfit for baby and TENS machine. If nothing else it’s handy to have the essentials all in one place, and if I do have be transferred last minute I’ll be glad to be able to just grab my bag and go!

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