Deadpool, Cake and ChattyFeet #LittleLoves

This week has been long…  I’m definitely ready for this baby to arrive now.  I’ve been contemplating pain relief, birth plans and hospital bag contents and all I’m missing now is a baby!  We’ve not really been up to much either – it’s been pretty quiet which has been nice.



This week I’ve been reading a little booklet I received in my free pack of goodies from the Midwife.  I’ve been reading up on what happen’s in each stage of labour, how the baby will be born (all being well, of course) and what will happen in the hours afterwards.  I can remember snippets from my first pregnancy with O, but I was in dire need of a refresher as it’s been a long time since he was born!


Hubs and I watched ‘Legend’ last weekend – a recent film about The Kray twins, both played impeccably by the fabulous Tom Hardy.  I’ve seen him in a few films before, Bronson being the one that sticks out in my mind, and he doesn’t disappoint.  Like Bronson, it’s a rather brutal watch.  Excellent film, but definitely not for the faint-hearted.

I also tottered off to the cinema on Monday to see Deadpool.  I’m a huge Marvel fan – hubs, A, and I watch Agents of SHIELD each week and I’m definitely one for the films!  Deadpool was hilarious from start-to-finish.  I was the one in the cinema that wanted to howl with laughter but the entire audience was quiet!  I was surprised to learn that it was only rated certificate 15, as I thought the content was pretty rude, graphic and sweary – but heck, what do I know!  I’m used to seeing kids films at the cinema!


I’ve been listening a lot to my relaxation music to try and become familiar with it, but also to try and calm my nerves.  I know I keep banging on about how anxious and nervous I am about labour/delivery but it’s keeping me up at night.  I’m really tired from being so unsettled, and I need to calm down!  Listening to certain tracks designed for deep sleep has helped dramatically and I’m starting to sleep much better now.


Earlier this week, I did some baking whilst O was at school.  I was confined to the house anyway as we had guys coming to service the boiler and water cylinder, so thought I should do something fun with my time.  I’ve always enjoyed baking, with my Nana teaching me how to make fairy cakes at a really young age.  I decided to make a Lemon Drizzle Cake that turned out just lovely!



Like last week, I’ve been living in my pyjama’s, joggers and leggings.  But I did get to try out these pretty awesome ChattyFeet socks!  They’re really comfy and soft – perfect for me at the moment!

And Lastly…


Hospital Bag

I’m actually writing this post on Thursday and scheduling it for Friday morning.  I’m going for a sweep today in the hope that it’ll start off my labour.  I’ve had a couple of things happen this week that made me think something was going to happen – but turned into nothing.  I can’t even describe how frustrating it is as I just want my baby here now.  As each day passes with nothing happening, I’m becoming more anxious about the size of baby and the delivery.  Fingers crossed this sweep gets labour started!

8 thoughts on “Deadpool, Cake and ChattyFeet #LittleLoves

  1. I love lemon drizzle cake. I learnt a lot of baking recipes with my Nan. I love thinking of her when I am recreating them.
    Good luck today.
    Carly x

  2. We saw Deadpool last week. I’m not a Marvel fan but it was OH’s birthday so I was dragged along. It was pretty good in the end but I agree, it’s quite graphic and rather rude for a 15 certificate! Hope everything goes well for you today, how exciting! xx

  3. So exciting, I hope the sweep went okay! I love Lemon drizzle cake, and this pregnancy I have been craving all things lemon so I’ll pop over to your recipe and take a look. xx

  4. I can’t believe this may be your last Little Loves as a family of three – each time you post something I think the next time you post could be a birth announcement – so exciting! Thinking of you lovely x

  5. How exciting, your little one will be here soon! Hope the sweep went ok and we’ll be seeing your new addition soon. Tom Hardy is brilliant isn’t he, such an amazing actor and rather easy on the eye of course. Have a great week x

  6. Those socks really are awesome!! Love them!! Ah, pregnancy can be so tiring!! I don’t think I would have the energy left in me to do that again. I hope your baby arrives soon and the birth goes well. What an exciting time for you and your family. I loved Legend too, Tom Hardy *swoons*!! xxx

  7. Deadpool is fab isn’t it? We went to see it when it first came out and thankfully the whole cinema was laughing out loud to it.
    I’ve just checked Instagram to see where you were up to baby wise and congratulations are in order! Well done! He’s such a cutie xx

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