Meal Planning Monday 15/2016

Last week’s meal plan didn’t go quite as it should have!  This week should do, though, as O is back to school and A is going back to work after taking Paternity leave.  It’s been lovely having the whole family at home for the Easter holidays but we’re all ready to have the usual structure back in our lives.

We’ve had a lovely weekend of visiting the seaside, spending time with our friends and playing outside.  Hubs even cleared out the garage(!) which is a huge achievement as it was full of junk.  The only downside to the weekend was that our usual Chinese restaurant was shut and so we tried another takeaway on Sunday night…  Wish we hadn’t bothered to be honest as it was terrible and a total disappointment!  I’d been so looking forward to a good takeaway for months!

Despite our takeaway fail last night, I’m trying to get us back on track with the Slimming World EE plan (just ignore the pizza…) so have included a couple of new recipes to try this week.  Really looking forward to tonight’s meal!  We’ll be chowing down on cereal or fruit for breakfast and veggie soup from the freezer for lunches.

Monday – Chickpea, Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Pilaf

Tuesday – Baked Bean Lasagne

Wednesday – Pizza and Curly Fries

Thursday – Out

Friday – Bolognese from the freezer

Saturday – Cottage Pie from the freezer

Sunday – Roast Dinner

As always, I’m linking up to the #mealplanningmonday linky with At Home With Mrs M.


11 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 15/2016

  1. Oh no! It’s horrible when you really fancy a takeaway and it’s horrible. So annoying.
    Yum! Pizza and Curly Fries! I think that’s my girls fave meal.

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