Meal Planning Monday 16/2016

Last week we did pretty well following our meal plan!  Things had a bit of a shuffle around, so that the fresh products didn’t go out of date before we managed to eat them so we ended up with a Roast Pork dinner on Friday night…  It was totally lush though and we enjoyed the leftovers on Saturday for lunch too.


I made a Chickpea and Roasted Red Pepper Pilaf as part of last weeks plan from one of the Slimming World recipe books we have.  It was absolutely divine and hubs has asked me to put it on the plan for this week again.  It was so quick to make and full of flavour so it’s fab to make after school.  It’s a shame that O won’t give it a try, but we’ll keep trying!  I do think he would like it if he’d open up to trying new things.

This week, hubs is away again for three nights (boo) so it’s just me and my boys.  I’ve opted for super easy teas on the evenings hubs is away.  Lunches will be leftovers or soup from the freezer and breakfasts probably toast or cereal and fruit.  This week, we’re having:

Monday – Chilli (from the freezer) and rice

Tuesday – Fishfingers and Chips

Wednesday – Pizza

Thursday – Chickpea and Roasted Red Pepper Pilaf

Friday – Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Bake

Linking up with #mealplanningmonday with At Home with Mrs M.  What’s on your menu this week?  Are you trying anything new?

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