My Happiness Non-Negotiables List

This meme has been doing the rounds for the last few weeks!  The gorgeous Donna over at What the Redhead Said tagged me in her version of the meme to share my happiness non-negotiables.  These are things that make me happy, that I couldn’t be without and that I certainly will not negotiate on.  They simply have to happen.


I’m not a particularly materialistic person.  I’m happy with a handful of fairly basic things.  So here is my list…

Family time

I really enjoy spending time as our little family unit. O is an absolute superstar and makes me smile everyday.  Even more than our little family of four, I really enjoy spending time with our extended family too. Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Nieces and Nephews. We are lucky to have a fantastic family who care about us a lot!

Good Food

Good food can pretty much always be found on our plates. I absolutely love to eat out; finding new restaurants, enjoying their offerings. Just recently we were out in a local pub for a bad meal and had to wait a rather long time for our meals to arrive. Total strangers commented on how well behaved O was during his very patient stint! I think this is down to him being used to eating out often, he knows how to behave in such a setting and understands that Mummy and Daddy can’t make his dinner appear any quicker! Good food doesn’t just come outside our home though. I meal plan each week to try to make sure we have tasty and healthy (mostly) meals each day. Eating well definitely affects my mood positively!


Similar to my Family Time point, we have a small group of very close, good friends with whom we love to spend time with. I particularly enjoy playing host, having friends to stay the weekend and planning our activities and meals. We’re very lucky to have friends that care so much for us, they’re really part of our family.

Hot Baths

Indulge me. I don’t often have the time to enjoy a bath. I get showered every morning so a bath is quite a treat! I’m a huge fan of Lush bath ballistics and bubbles as they make my once-in-a-blue-moon bath that bit extra special. I can lose myself completely in an hours “me time” with a locked door and a bath full of bubbles. As Frankie said, Relax. It’s one of my self-care methods and one I won’t be giving up.


I love holidays. Particularly holidays abroad, but really any break away from the norm is pretty awesome. Although we as a family thrive on the routine that comes with school and work, the holidays are an amazing time we can spend together without distractions and other commitments. Whether it be a day trip to the seaside, a weekend in the city or a fortnight in another country, our travels allow us to see more of the world whilst spending time with those we love most.

What are your happiness non-negotiables?

8 thoughts on “My Happiness Non-Negotiables List

  1. Great post and list. I think family is at the top of my list also with a nice hot bath (hopefully without the children too)

  2. It’s simple things for me too. Family time, absolutely, but also agree on good food – we love to eat out as a family and it’s something we’ve done since the kids were tiny. It’s one of our family treats x

  3. Aaah this is such a lovely post! It’s so important to be mindful of the small things isn’t it? My boy and I are massive foodies too — he’s a great cook and we love going out to eat. Plus festivals are top of our ‘must do ‘ list as well.

    We always use to go to at least a couple of 4 day festivals a year, before we had the twins, and since we’ve had them we try to go to child-friendly festivals so they can enjoy the fun too!! 🙂

  4. Ah, it’s so good to work out what our own non-negotiables are. I’m not a bath person, but everyone in my house knows that every day I need a hot shower before I can get on with my day. Also, like you say, time for family and friends, time in the outdoors, and time for yoga practice. x

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