Person of Interest, Magical Trevor and the Seaside – #LittleLoves

We’ve had a lovely first Easter weekend as a family of four, filled with Easter Egg hunts, Egg Dumps and fun with the family.  O’s school Easter break is still in full swing and will be for another week so we’re looking forward to spending plenty of time together.


Like most other weeks, I haven’t really done much reading…  Unless my postnatal and baby notes count!?  We’ll just pretend this section doesn’t exist and move swiftly on…


This week I’ve been catching up on the newest series of Person of Interest.  I’m definitely one for my box sets, as I’ve previously written about Suits, The Good Wife, to name a few…  Person of Interest is a series produced by J J Abrams with a couple of others – definitely worth a watch!  It’s full of action, drama and a fantastic storyline.  If you have Netflix, the first few series are available to watch there if you fancy it.


Erm, apart from a baby?  The only thing I’ve been making is breakfast and milk for Q!  Hubs and O did make some pretty scrummy Easter nest cakes using some Milkybar white chocolate mini eggs I spotted in the local Co-Op.  They went down so well that I have asked them to make some more this weekend!



I wore my Bonprix dotty dress on Easter Sunday for a family gathering.  It was spot on (pardon the pun!) for the occasion as it’s perfect for nursing.  I teamed it with black tights and a Raspberry lip.


Hubs has introduced O to the world of the Weebl…  ‘Magical Trevor’ and ‘Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom’ have been the soundtrack to our last few days when O has been wanting my attention but I’ve been in the middle of feeding Q.  I will apologise now for the incessant ear-worm that comes with both of these titles!!

And Lastly…


It’s proving difficult to get the energy and motivation to be ready to leave the house before 11:30, but we’re slowly getting there.  We’ve been trying to keep O occupied with fairly simple tasks this week like baking, soft play and a trip to the seaside and he’s enjoying it all so that’s the main thing.  Looking forward to another week as a family of four before A has to go back to work and O back to school…

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