Visiting the Library

Before Q arrived, I had been really enjoying the one-on-one time I had to spend with O.  We had done some lovely Mother and Son activities like baking yummy cakes and visiting the library.

Visiting the Library

O and I had made visiting the Library a regular occurrence, visiting once a week or more to borrow books.  Although we haven’t been since Q was born, this is something I hope to get back into a rhythm with.  Maybe dropping into the library after football club on a Saturday morning will work to try and encourage his love of reading to continue.

Like most children in Reception classes around the country, O is learning to read using the Phonics system.  There’s lots of actions to go alongside the phonic sounds, paired letters that make other sounds – put it this way; the English language is a bit of a nightmare to teach and learn!  Luckily, O has picked up the phonics system really well and has progressed from being unable to read anything other than his name before starting school, to being able to read books at Stage 3 of the tiered reading framework at school.  Both his Daddy and I are so proud of him!

He constantly tries to read words on signs, shop windows, magazines and the television or laptop.  There is no way to keep a secret from him any longer!  His phonics skills are also helping him with his writing and spelling too.  He figured how to spell Q’s name within a few seconds and does so with many other non-tricky words.


As he doesn’t read his school book every single day at school, it doesn’t get changed very regularly.  We make sure we read it with him every evening, but he gets bored of reading the same book once he finds the words easy to read.  So, we’ll be back to the library soon to borrow some more books for his stage of reading to encourage him to continue reading each night.  We still read him a story each night too and, despite having a bookcase bursting with great reads, we pick up a few different books from the library for us too.

Do you take your kids to the library?

8 thoughts on “Visiting the Library

  1. We love reading and have our own little library at home. We haven’t visited our local library in a long time though, so something to do soon! 🙂

  2. It has been an absolute age since I have taken my boys to the library! I just seem to have a library at home! My mum saved all of my books from when I was a child and then I’ve bought (literally) hundreds for the kids…. we have a LOT of books! H x

  3. Zak used to love going to the library to pick out a new book! We never go these days, life just gets in the way and he’s a pre-teen now so I doubt it’d be a “cool” thing to do! Looking forward to going with the baby though in a few years

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