eBay, Hodor and Silence – #LittleLoves

This week has been a busy one!  The weather was glorious last weekend and so we spent a lot of time outdoors.  Hubs tried to convince me to have a barbecue dinner on Sunday, but I stuck to my guns and got the dinner out at the pub I’d been promised!  I’m sure there’s plenty of time to get the barbecue out yet.


10 Weird Things That Sold on eBay in May 2016

Last week, I listed a grand total of 37 items on eBay which all ended on Monday.  I managed to sell 20 of them, leaving 17 unsold, bringing me a total of £63.44.  Considering it was generally O’s clothes that no longer fit, some small items I’d bought as gifts but couldn’t think of anyone who would appreciate them, etc, I’m pretty happy with that!  I tend to get to a point where I feel my house is so cluttered, I get the bin bags out and do a take a whole load of stuff to the tip.  Reading this post by Emma at From Aldi to Harrods has helped me to see that I can probably sell the majority of it on eBay.


This week’s episode of Game of Thrones…  Oh.  My.  Days.  Where I would usually say “Shut the front door!” in shock, this time it’s “Hold the door!” through streams of tears.  I love how Sansa has become so strong and that Theon and his crew have legged it.  I can’t wait to watch Monday’s episode.

We’ve also been watching Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finals, although not every single night.  Against my will, I’ve been subjected to it since the start as it irritates me that acts lacking in talent (which is surely what the show is looking for) get put through to the live shows.  I do think 100 Voices of Gospel and Wayne Woodward are fantastic though.  I’m actually quite looking forward to watching the final now.


Tonight’s dinner… Smoked Paprika Chicken and Chorizo bake. Absolutely lush.

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Earlier this week, I made a delicious Smoked Paprika Chicken and Chorizo Bake.  It was absolutely gorgeous with roasted garlic and new potatoes.  O didn’t have any as the paprika was too hot for him, but he did say that hubs and I were stinky the next morning!  It must’ve been all the garlic!  Lush Paprika Chicken and Chorizo Bake.


O was awarded the golden t-shirt at school which is quite an achievement!  Each week the teacher chooses one child in the class that deserves it, and O was given it on Friday last week for being really well behaved, kind and trying his hardest in class.  He was super chuffed and I am super proud!

eBay Hodor and Silence

I’ve gone from wearing skirts and sandals to jeans and Converse.  I’m gutted the sunshine seems to have disappeared!  We went to visit my mum on Sunday and ended up sitting out in the garden as it was so nice – but we hadn’t dressed for the heat…  O thought it was hilarious wearing his Nana’s sun hat!


I was driving back from town last weekend and was listening to Absolute on the DAB radio.  I like the variety they play, and the majority of tracks are to my taste.  I’d never heard this cover before, and was truly taken aback by how nicely a heavy metal band have covered one of my favourite songs of my youth.  Well, I say ‘youth’ as I sang it as part of the school choir – I wasn’t born when it was first released!

and Lastly…

I have started doing some freelance social media work, which is just amazing and right up my street!  I’m really enjoying creating some engaging content for a whole variety of clients.  I’m managing to fit it into Q’s naps and my evenings, as well as writing for my blogs and keeping everything ticking over for the family.  Anyone that knows me well will know that I can’t sit around doing nothing and that I need my mind to be occupied or else I’ll drive myself pretty bonkers with boredom.  Next week is half-term week so O is off school and I’m looking forward to having him home to rest and have fun.  Hubs is off for the bank holiday Monday and has taken next Friday off too in the hope that we will get a decent family day out somewhere.

6 thoughts on “eBay, Hodor and Silence – #LittleLoves

  1. Oh I love the idea of the T-Shirt at school.. How lovely! Weather has been a little mis-matched this week hasn’t it? One minute got the next minute chilly! Wish it would make its mind up! Have a lovely weekend #LittleLoves

  2. I’ve actually been a bit thankful the weather turned cold again as all my maternity wear is geared up for winter, from next week the sun can come back and (hopefully) I’ll be back into some “normal” clothes.
    I loved the post about what had sold on eBay, it’s amazing what some people will spend money on isn’t it? xx

  3. Well done on the social media work, that’s what I do these days too – hence why I never have time to concentrate on my own social media anymore ha ha!

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s GoT, although I’ve got a feeling that sicko Ramsay will do something revolting again soon, which I’ll have to watch through my fingers. Can’t believe we’re half way through this series already.

    That chicken and chorizo bake looks gorgeous! I’m paprika and chorizo obsessed after living in Spain.

    Have a great half term x

  4. Decluttering is high on my agenda right now as well. Unfortunately I am guilty of just ditching stuff that I could probably ebay but I find that if I’m in the mood to get rid I need to do it there and then. Most of mine either goes to the charity shop or the recycle bin but by goodness I feel better after it!

  5. Congrats on the freelance work that’s awesome. I am doing the same it’s so nice to have the added work in between family life and taking care of everything. Hope you really enjoy your half term and weather is nice. Good on the ebay selling. I sell everything and anything on ebay all the time. I am constantly revamping a room selling stuff on ebay and using the money to buy other stuff for that room so it’s never out of my pocket. Ebay is the best next to facebook buy and swap local pages too. Happy Bank Holiday #littleloves

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