Meal Planning Monday 19/2016

Last week was a good week and we generally stuck to our plan!  I did pop out on Wednesday for a pizza and doughnuts for O’s and my tea as hubs was on an overnight stay with work.

I had planned to make a Sunday Roast last weekend and use the leftover chicken in the recipes I’d chosen.  We ended up going to my in-laws for dinner instead so I cooked the chicken in the slow cooker on Thursday and used it to make a chicken and vegetable broth.  Super yummy, although not exactly what I had in mind for the month of May!  This weather really must cheer up…  It’s so cold, wet and windy at the moment.

This week hubs is away for a couple of nights towards the end of the week so we’ll be on easy teas.  He seems to be away quite a lot at the moment, and O misses him terribly so can be a little belligerent when I’m trying to get him sorted for bed or school in the mornings.  The odd night away I don’t mind, but it does seem to be quite often over the last four weeks and a lot for a four year old O to process.

Anyway, this week we’ll be eating:

Monday – Steak and Chips

Tuesday – Blackened Salmon

Wednesday – Cottage Pie (freezer)

Thursday – Chilli (freezer) and Rice

Friday – Fry Up

Meal Planning

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