Meal Planning Monday 21/2016

Before my maternity leave, both hubs and I worked full time.  Often we would come home from work and either wouldn’t fancy what we had planned, or just didn’t have the energy to cook.  Meaning we would spend more money on a takeaway of some form and end up throwing away food that would have been perfectly good to eat.  Now I have no excuse (apart from the baby) not to have our meals cooked, and I’m definitely seeing a saving in our food bills.  There’s some fab tips on how to start meal planning over on the Eat Your Heart Out blog.

We went out for dinner yesterday; it was so yummy and a lovely treat not to have to cook and sort out dishes.  This week, hubs is away for one night (can you tell which night?!) so our plan accommodates that.  Our lunches will mainly be leftovers or sandwiches.

Monday – Spanish Chicken Bake

Tuesday – Home-made Burgers and Chips

Wednesday – Pizza

Thursday – Cottage Pie (freezer)

Friday – Gammon with Egg, Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Meal Planning

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