Me and Mine May 2016

The Me and Mine project is a great reminder to get regular photographs taken of all of us together.  So often, it’s me behind the camera and photos seem to be of the kids with others than with hubs and I.  We took these photographs in our garden, despite wanting to get out into the Lakes for some fabulous settings.  Oh well, there’s plenty of time for that!  The weather has picked up again these last few days so it was nice to be able to take a couple of snaps in the sunshine.

Me and Mine May 2016

Mummy is loving…

the sunshine; decluttering; listening to Q chatter; family time.

Daddy is loving…

cuddles with Q; bike-riding with O; Q’s smiles; listening to O read.

Me and Mine May 2016

O is loving…

the sunshine; Stage 4 reading; school holidays; football.

Q is loving…

milk; snuggles; walks out in his pram; his baby swing.

The Me and Mine Project

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