Q: First Immunisations

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to immunising their child(ren).  I am most definitely in the ‘Let’s Do This’ camp.  But I’m not here for a debate as to why you should do it.  I’m just going to leave this link here and let the professionals at the NHS explain.  You never know, I might discuss it one day but I don’t have the energy just now.  The NHS leaflet explaining the vaccination schedule is particularly helpful too – including information on the different immunisations for baby and their side effects.  I remember when I took O for his first immunisations, he pretty much slept for two days straight.  I hoped this would be how Q would take them too – if not like any normal day.

On Tuesday, I took Q to the doctors surgery for his first immunisations.  I felt guilty all morning knowing that I was about to take my tiny baby to someone who would stab him in the legs three times with something sharp.  He had no idea what was going to happen.  One of the vaccines was given orally, followed by one injection in his left leg and two injections in his right leg.  He cried.  Q turned the colour of a beetroot through his cries.

immunisations for baby

Thankfully, he stopped only a couple of minutes afterwards but they were ‘real’ tears.  You know, when babies cry they’re not usually actually crying.  We were given his red book back and off we went.  I expected him to fall asleep afterwards, but he didn’t.  In fact, I had huge smiles for the rest of the afternoon!  He fed a couple of times and played on his mat.  He’s been really brave!  What a total superstar.  He went to sleep at around 6:30pm and we had another fairly normal night of waking for a couple of feeds.

immunisations for baby

He did develop a bit of a temperature overnight and so I gave him some paracetamol following the advice I was given at his appointment.  He woke yesterday morning a happy smiley boy!  Hurrah!  He often dozes throughout the day for brief periods and did so whilst we were getting ready to take O to school.  By the time I returned home, he was wide awake again and full of smiles.

I took this opportunity to head out for a some bread and other bits from the supermarket and by the time we returned home, he was fast asleep.  He woke for a feed and a little play at lunchtime, then back to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.  He’s had a bit of a temperature all day so I’ve been giving him paracetamol as per the advice I received.  It seems the vaccinations have had a similar affect on Q as they did on O.

How did your little ones react to their immunisations?

One thought on “Q: First Immunisations

  1. I think the immunisations are harder on us as parents rather than our little one’s…
    I’m glad everything went well….
    When my eldest had her immunisations she was a nightmare. lol She had a temp and wouldn’t sleep. With my youngest there was no change in her. lol

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