Siblings May 2016

O and Q are continuing to bond as a 4 year old and newborn baby should.  O is so loving towards Q, although doesn’t seem to grasp the meaning of the phrase ‘Never wake a sleeping baby’, much to my dismay.  That being said, he is very willing to help and care for Q.  He is happy to pass things over when we’re changing nappies.  He tries to calm Q as they share the back seat of the car by singing songs and giving Q his doh-dee.  It is so very sweet.

Siblings May 2016

Q looks up at his brother with such a look of love and admiration.  He seems to know that O is a little person like he is, and enjoys watching O being silly and showing off his toys.  Q will watch O prance about and chatter and smile at him, which O adores.

Siblings May 2016

I remember when I would collect him from nursery and he would cry that he was the only one without a brother or sister.  I used to feel so sorry for him!  O is so happy to have his very own wingman now – he always wanted a brother.  Although, Q isn’t quite what O expected.  He thought his new brother would arrive walking and talking…  I suppose this is a good way to teach O some patience!

Siblings May 2016

I have ordered a large canvas for the wall in our living room of one of the first Siblings photos I took when Q was just a month old.  I can’t wait for it to arrive.  I love taking these photos to track how they change.

5 thoughts on “Siblings May 2016

  1. Absolutely adorable, I remember Lewis feeling the same when Leah came along. He really did expect a walking, talking toddler like himself and now a screaming baby, wasn’t much fun explaining that haha. I hope your canvas arrives soon. X

  2. Oh bless him, he looks like a very proud big brother! Both my girls are always trying to wake their baby brother up. I know it’s just because they love him so much and want to play but it’s so frustrating!

  3. Oh they are gorgeous shots – it’s that look of complete and utter adoration of his baby brother that’s just so sweet!

  4. Such lovely pictures! I remember my daughter saying the same about her baby brother when he was born – they expect an instant play mate, which is very sweet! I’m sure it won’t be too long a wait for him though 🙂 Laura x

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