Snooze Shade – Review and Giveaway

I absolutely love the light nights and sunshine that comes with summertime, however it can cause a number of issues with a small baby.  I’ve been struggling to get Q to have a decent nap during the day, and so I’ve been resorting to closing all the curtains at nap-time.  I’ve also read that small babies should be kept in the shade on hot, sunny days; so I’ve been using one hand to shade Q’s face on the school run whilst pushing the pram with the other!  I must look a real sight!  When I was asked if I’d like to review the Snooze Shade, I couldn’t say no – it was just what I needed.

Snooze Shade Review

The Snooze Shade was developed by Cara, a mum who needed to get her baby girl to sleep.  Like Q, her daughter was easily woken by the light and she found that draping blankets or towels over the pram didn’t work as they’d blow away or fall off.  And so, the Snooze Shade was born!  It’s designed to be used as a sun shade, as well as a sort-of portable blackout blind to help children fall asleep easier.

Snooze Shade Review

The Snooze Shade is packed away neatly into a small mesh drawstring bag, in a plastic outer-packaging.  The cardboard insert details how the Snooze Shade came to be, fitting tips and safety advice.  Often, it’s difficult to get items back into their original packaging, but I was impressed at how easy it was to put the shade back into the drawstring bag.  It’s perfectly sized and easily fits inside a changing bag or in the shopping basket of the pram or pushchair.

Snooze Shade Review

We have a Silver Cross Pioneer travel system for Q, and we’re still using the pram at the moment.  The Snooze Shade was easily attached, stretching over the hood and attached to the extended handle using the velcro straps.  I did find that the straps slipped out of place every now and again, which is a little frustrating, but were easily returned to their original position.

Snooze Shade Review

The Snooze Shade did what it says; the majority of the pram was shaded and Q was happy underneath.  The sun was kept off his face and I feel much happier taking him out in his pram for walks and on the school run in the beautifully warm sunshine.  I imagine it fits a pushchair a little better, allowing children to go off to sleep easier.

Snooze Shade Review

Overall, I think the Snooze Shade is a worthy purchase for new parents, especially for the summer months or for taking on holiday.  This particular design is available at RRP £19.99, which I believe is great value for a versatile product.

I’m excited to be able to offer a Snooze Shade Original to giveaway!  Just complete the Rafflecopter below to be in with a chance to win.  Ends 15th June 2016.  Open to UK entrants aged 18+ only.

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46 thoughts on “Snooze Shade – Review and Giveaway

  1. Remember that discipline is not punishment. Enforcing limits is really about teaching kids how to behave in the world and helping them to become competent, caring, and in control.

  2. they wont be little forever
    so enjoy and let them enjoy each and every moment with them while they are little

  3. You may be parents for your child /ren’s lifetime. Though your child / ren will grow up. Good Parenting is acknowledging, appreciating and supporting each individual into adulthood. As an adult there are Responsibilities etc. Respect is an important element in all relationships.Enjoy!

  4. I am pregnant with my first baby so can’t offer any advice but am keen to soak up tips from others!

  5. Enjoy every second and try and spend as much time outdoors taking time together as a family.

  6. Enjoy every moments whilst you can as they won’t be little forever so enjoy every stage 🙂

  7. Teach your child to look after a pet so that they learn compassion and care for animals, whilst also being educated about health and wellness.

  8. Know that there is no perfect rule book to parenting, be flexible, adapt and learn. Remember that good advice is simply a pointer in the right direction, don’t take it as criticism. x

  9. I was told when I was pregnant sleep as much as possible when the baby does and make every moment of being a parent count

  10. enjoy your children dont say ‘No’ unless necessary – I am sure the no word is used much too much for no reason ,sometimes it is needed but not so much as some people use it

  11. All babies develop at their own pace, don’t worry if he / doesn’t start crawling when other babies do etc, just be patient xx

  12. My best piece of parenting advice is to ‘remember nothing lasts good or bad – so if you’re enduring a tough phase it will pass, similarly if things are plain sailing at the moment then enjoy it while it lasts!’ 😉

  13. I’m the grandma, I can’t give advice because I can’t remember, I try to stay calm now and laugh at myself

  14. To talk to your children about their choices – I believe in teaching with punishment so they know exactly why they have done wrong. I did this from a very young age.

  15. Enjoy every moment – even the hard ones as one day you will miss them being little.

  16. remember every child is different, what works for on won’t necessarily work for another, trust your instincts and get to know your own kids, you know best because you know them best x

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