Goodbye Garage, Hello Playroom!

Shortly after we moved into our home in December 2013, we realised how short on space we were.  I know, that sounds silly as we live in a four bedroom detached house with a double garage, but, as with many new-builds, storage space is at a premium.  Following Christmas, we were inundated with toys.  Our living room was flooded with them, our modern living room furniture was no-where to be seen, our kitchen-diner was littered with them and so we decided to save up for a partial garage conversion and create a playroom.

#OperationPlayroomMP Before…

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Some “Before” shots #OperationPlayroomMP

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In 2015, we scoped out some builders and asked for quotes.  There was only one came back with a reasonable quote so we decided to go with him.  We had received recommendation by a friend who works in the trade, so felt we could trust him.  He was able to start work when hubs and I were travelling to Las Vegas for a short 4 night break to see my brother get married.  O was staying with A’s parents and were available to keep an eye on things.  Perfect.  We thought the worst of the work would be over before we got back.

Oh, how wrong we were…  There wasn’t just a couple of walls to build and plaster.  Oh no.  The floor had to be broken out, cleared away, insulated, relaid with concrete and left to set.  Foundations had to be dug out and put in for both walls.  The external bricks needed laid and a window fitted.

Omg. The DUST. #OperationPlayroomMP

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Good to see that the floor has started to be laid! #OperationPlayroomMP

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#OperationPlayroomMP is coming on! Need a wall built up though… Bit panicky about security!

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The partition wall that now separated the single garage from the playroom needed insulated.  Electrical sockets needed installed.  A huge hole needed knocked through the wall into the hallway to create a doorway.  The walls needed plastered.  The driveway needed patched back up after the fitting of the foundations and walls.  Not to mention the joinery, new radiator, decoration and new carpet that was needed.

#OperationPlayroomMP update!

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Can’t wait for the end… #OperationPlayroomMP

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Ready to decorate!! #OperationPlayroomMP

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It was a huge job.  One that I probably should have tackled before I was 23 weeks pregnant.  The stress of the building works, Christmas and a whole load of craziness at work was too much to handle at times.  Then there was the weekend we were stuck in Edinburgh because of the horrendous floods, which also turned my working life upside down and saw me working 50+ hours a week.

Curtains are up! #OperationPlayroomMP

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The 18th December 2015 was my last day at work before the Christmas break.  Hubs had the day off and was looking after O.  We also had the carpet fitted to the playroom after the decorators had been in.  Whilst I was at work, hubs had managed to get the sofa in and built the flatpack furniture we had ordered to store all of O’s toys.

#OperationPlayroomMP is almost finished! Frames to go up and toys to put in!

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After 8 weeks of work and our garage conversion is complete; it’s now one of the most well-used rooms in the house.  With a television mounted on the wall, a desk and printer for the computer for hubs and I to work at home, and lots of storage for O’s toys, it’s exactly what we needed.  Our living room is now (generally) toy-free – yippee!

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye Garage, Hello Playroom!

  1. Oh this is fab – looks like it was well worth it – I am moving house soon and my new house has had the garage converted into a playroom – I am excited about this beyond words!! xx

  2. I converted my garage, but not properly, I just did the walls, knocked through and put flooring in and a radiator, we left the garage door on as it would look out of proportion on the front, it was just an extra space for toys like yours, but it has evolved into all sorts of rooms over the years and is now my eldest bedroom/office. I looked at getting the door changed a few months ago but it was £2k with building regs so will leave that for any new buyer when we sell it. Yours looks fab though and seeing how much work it took definitely confirms I’m best off leaving it for someone else.

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