Grand Canyon – Helicopter Tour

Back in November, hubs and I took a short break to Las Vegas to see my brother get married.  In the weeks leading up to our visit, we scoped out the different things there was to do there and planned our days.  I didn’t want to leave O for too long, so we booked the shortest available break of 4 nights in Las Vegas.  One thing that we decided was a ‘must-do’ whilst we were there, was a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon.

Helicopter - Las Vegas

When we first looked into it, I thought “OMG. It costs a fortune! Is it really worth it?!”  Having bit the bullet and gone for it, I can safely say – Yes. Yes, it is.  If you get the opportunity to visit Las Vegas, you should make the time to go to the Grand Canyon.  We booked the helicopter ride online and arranged to go on the first flight of the day.  We were picked up from our hotel by a minibus and were taken to the mini-airport, a short drive away from the Vegas strip.


Helicopter Ride - Las Vegas

We were led out to the helicopter by our pilot, after standing on the scales with our hand luggage.  For the trip out to the Grand Canyon, both my mum and I were sat in the front of the helicopter with the pilot.  We got strapped in, put on our headsets and were ready to go!  The helicopter lifted into the air and we were off!  Personally, I didn’t like the sensation of the ride – it made me feel a little queasy, but my mum and A found it okay.


Hoover Dam - Las Vegas

We flew away from Las Vegas and toward Lake Meade, flying over the Hoover Dam which was amazing.  My photographs really don’t do our views justice!  Seeing the Hoover Dam made me even more adamant that we will return to Las Vegas, and visit the Dam next time.  We continued to fly through a handful of clouds and landed in the Grand Canyon after a flight of 40 minutes.

Mental Parentals - Las Vegas


We enjoyed refreshments and a snack in the Canyon and had a little wander around.  The river that flows through the Canyon reminded me of Wonka’s chocolate river from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book!  The water is that colour because of the sediment that is flowing through the river.  Pretty amazing, really.

Grand Canyon - Las Vegas

Raven - Las Vegas

I’ve never really been one for excursions, but this trip really changed my view on things.  I had such a great time and met some really nice people.  The other couple on our flight were from Scotland and had family from Cumbria so we had a really good craic!  Our pilot was really friendly too and he said how nice it was to have a group that asked plenty of questions.  I didn’t know if that’s a good thing or if he was trying to say we’re nosey!  But still, I’d definitely repeat the helicopter ride to the Canyon if we were to visit again.  It was really worth it, despite it seeming a lot of money at booking.  We were back at the hotel just after lunchtime and had the rest of the day to do as we pleased!

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon?

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