Meal Planning Monday 23/2016

This week has been pretty awesome.  We switched around a couple of days from last week and didn’t actually go out for tea like I had planned.  We got fish and chips from one of the local chip shops on Wednesday and pushed everything planned back a day.  We also hosted our first barbecue on Saturday which was really fun.  I prepared some vegetable skewers, homemade burgers and a rack of ribs with smokey BBQ sauce.  We received a fancy hamper at Christmas and inside was a spice rub from The Smokey Carter which we rubbed into some flattened chicken breasts.  They were divine!  I plan to order a few from their website for future use.

We also visited the Lake District Wildlife Park on Friday which was so fun.  It was Q’s first full day trip out and he was such a little angel.  We had taken a picnic for lunch, which O loved, and we all had ice creams as we left.  I spotted some Fab! ice lollies in the freezer that reminded me of my childhood so had to have one…  I’m pleased to say, they taste just as good now as I remember!

FAB ice lolly

This week, O is back to school and hubs is back to work.  Hubs is off to an all-day cookery class on Friday at Rheged, Penrith to learn more about Tuscan Italian cooking.  I can’t wait to taste the food he brings home!  He initially wanted to take a Sushi course, but we didn’t think there’d be many opportunity to use it day-to-day.

On our plan this week, we have:

Monday – Chicken en-croute with jacket potato and vegetables

Tuesday – Baked salmon with chilli and ginger

Wednesday – Gammon steaks with mushrooms and tomatoes

Thursday – Red onion and pepper tortilla

Friday – Chilli with rice (from the freezer)

3 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 23/2016

  1. Salmon with chilli & ginger sounds divine. Also the tortillas with onion & red pepper sounds like a nice, quick veggie meal!

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